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Leo Yanda, representing the Tampa PRIDE committee, told Tampa City Council members on Aug. 6 that PRIDE arranged for the placement of three new “Welcome to Tampa” signs before the Aug. 25 Quasquicentennial celebration.

The signs will be silhouettes of covered wagons, similar to the big Tampa sign on K-15. Manufactured by Plasma Designs of Newberry, S.C., the signs will replace the signs at the south city limit on Limestone and the east and west city limits on 330th. Text on the signs will say “Welcome to TAMPA on The Santa Fe Trail,” with the town name in larger letters.

Yanda said PRIDE also purchased a Tampa Activities sign with the same covered wagon motif and will place it on the front of the fire station. Special events will be posted on the 30” X 45” board. The price tag for the entire project was $3669, paid for by the PRIDE committee.

David Mueller and Teresa Huffman offered the council information about the city’s new website. The site has been arranged through the county at no cost to the city of Tampa. The city will be responsible for maintaining the site and may need to pay a small fee for a domain name.

County Commission Chairman Dan Holub attended the meeting to hear any concerns about roads or other issues from council members. He said the new roads surrounding Tampa would soon be equipped with center and side stripes for better visibility.

Ty Peterson presented a plan to the council for a temporary beer garden to surround the Tampa Cafe on Aug. 25 during Quasquicentennial events. The council and mayor approved the plan. Huffman offered to lend tents for shade on the south side on the cafe, on the condition that they be staked or held firmly down.

Council members approved the 2013 proposed budget presented by Mayor Tim Svoboda with the mill levy at the same level as last year.

Svoboda reported to the council about his discussion with Sheriff Rob Craft about the city’s problem of dogs running loose despite Tampa’s leash law.

“The council needs to pass an ordinance providing that any loose dog will be captured, held for ten days at the owner’s expense, and then euthanized if unclaimed, also at the owner’s expense,” Svoboda said.

The council advised Svoboda to solicit aid from city attorney Chris Costello, in drafting the ordinance. Once it is in place the council will look towards enforcement.

Last modified Aug. 15, 2012