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The Tampa community Christmas party is Sunday. There will be a tour of the businesses on Main Street from 3 to 5 p.m., followed by a soup supper at the senior center from 5 to 7 p.m. Santa will arrive at 5:30 p.m. to visit with children and distribute treats. The Cottonwood River Band will bring the evening’s entertainment, starting at 7 p.m.

Silas Otis, son of Dale and Andrea Klenda of Lincolnville, was baptized Nov. 18 by Father Darren May at St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church in Pilsen. Sponsors were Amanda Baxa and Tyler Klenda. Silas was baptized in the dress his mother wore at her baptism made by her grandmother, Leona Kleiber. After the baptism, Dale and Andrea, Elijah, and Evan hosted a dinner in the church dining hall. Guests were Dennis and Terry Klenda and Tyler of Pilsen, Lynn and Peggy Kleiber and Nick of Salina, Tim and Amanda Baxa and Sophia of Wichita, Theresa Klenda of Lincolnville, and Leona Kleiber.

Debra Dody of Manhattan spent Nov. 21 with her grandmother, Tillie Hein, and took her out to dinner.

Gathering at the home of Gary and Carole Spohn for a family pre-Thanksgiving dinner Nov. 20 were Ryan Spohn, Adam and Lauren, Steve and Sheri Spohn, and Georgia Spohn. Ryan and children were overnight guests of his parents.

Tim Kerbs of Salina took his mother, Lucille Kerbs, to Wichita on Nov. 20 for laser surgery on her eye. They ate dinner in Valley Center.

Adeline Bernhardt spent Nov. 16 to 19 with Carl and Kathy Hubbard of Wellington. Additional guests for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner Nov. 18 were Barney and Linda Bernhardt, John Haynes, Hailey and Heather, James Haynes, Clinton Hubbard, and three friends, all of Wichita; Carrie Bernhardt of El Dorado; and Dee Ann and Gabby Stout and Donna Hubbard, all of Wellington.

Lucille Kerbs met Lois Sklenar and Jan Meisinger in Hillsboro on Nov. 19 for dinner out.

Nov. 18 dinner guests of Paul and Edna Backhus were Mike and Jennifer Jay and Cody of Hillsboro, Bev and Tom Reid of Marion, Brad Backhus, Jason Backhus, Alisha Barney, Phyllis Mueller, and Rod Mueller.

Nov. 18 dinner guests of Russ and Julie Kerbs were Rustyn Kerbs of Hillsboro, Jesse and Ashton Smith and Sydney of Pilsen, and Lucille Kerbs.

Tim and Amanda Baxa and Sophia of Wichita visited Leona Kleiber on Nov. 18, enroute home from Silas Klenda’s baptism.

Gary and Carole Spohn and Georgia Spohn attended their church’s Thanksgiving dinner in Marion on Nov. 18 after the morning worship service.

Nikki Stenzel of Manhattan visited her grandparents, Frank and Anna Mae Stika, on Nov. 17 before she and her mother, Lori Moldenhauer, attended the Centre High School performance of “Act Your Age.” Lori’s niece, Anna Weber, was in the cast.

Lucille Kerbs visited Connie Thompson and Taylor in Abilene on Nov. 17. Connie and Lucille dined out.

About 70 relatives gathered at the Abilene Community Center on Nov. 17 to help Bonnie Haslouer of Enterprise celebrate her birthday. Marie Peterlin, 96, of Chicago was a special guest.

Anna Mae Stika and Lisa Hanschu attended the Centre High School play Nov. 16. Lori Moldenhauer kept Frank Stika company while they were gone.

Lynn and Peggy Kleiber of Salina, Dale and Andrea Klenda, Elijah, Evan, and Silas of Lincolnville, and Leona Kleiber ate dinner at Lost Springs on Nov. 17. In the afternoon, Lynn did some chores for his mother.

Lori Moldenhauer and Anna Mae Stika attended the monthly meeting of the Tabitha Society Nov. 14 in Herington. Lisa Hanschu stayed with her father, Frank Stika, while they were gone.

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