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County commission proposes dog bite rule

News editor

Marion County may soon have rules in place requiring confinement of dogs that have a history of biting people.

Marion County Commission Chairman Dan Holub raised the possibility Tuesday after hearing reports of a dog that bit several people near Marion.

Under Holub’s proposal, a dog that bites someone would be required to be kept indoors, in a pen, or on a leash thereafter.

Commissioner Roger Fleming said any ordinance should specify that a dog that is antagonized into biting shouldn’t be subject to confinement. He added that someone climbing into a fenced-in yard would count as antagonizing any dog that stays in the yard.

With Commissioner Randy Dallke absent, the commission took no action and will seek public input.

Holub said he fielded calls from several county residents, prompted by rumors of what he would propose. Holub said he wasn’t proposing prohibiting any breeds in the county, nor requiring all dogs be caged. His proposal was only to require confinement for dogs that previously bit someone.

Last modified Jan. 19, 2012