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County floats ideas on lake

Staff writer

County commissioners, before looking over applications for park and lake superintendent Thursday, discussed changing the job description.

Items they decided to review include whether the superintendent will have authority to arrest someone as the current job description reads, whether a bait shop and concession stand should be operated, additional bookkeeping requirement, sales tax reporting, and long-term hours of operation.

Also on the decision list are whether to offer a house south of the office to the new superintendent, and where permits will be sold if the office and bait shop are leased to someone else.

Lake duties are being shared between two part-time employees with hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the season.

On the subject of whether the superintendent has arrest authority, commissioner Randy Dallke said the way things have been done recently is that the superintendent calls law enforcement when necessary.

Commissioner Kent Becker asked about hiring someone with a law enforcement background.

Commissioners also contemplated taking the word “arrest” out of the job description. County clerk Tina Spencer said if the word arrest is included, the job description should include what situations they should report to law enforcement.

Becker said he’d like to find out how other counties define their superintendent duties.

Commission chairman Dianne Novak said she’s aware of someone willing to deliver a small supply of bait for sale at the lake. She said she wanted to find out what the county can and can’t do regarding sales.

Becker suggested seeing if someone with a bait shop at Marion Reservoir wants to sell bait at the county lake, but Dallke pointed out that a lot of people come to the lake from east of Marion.

“It’s been there many years, and people have come to expect it even though it’s a luxury,” Dallke said of bait sales.

Dallke suggested starting a non-profit organization to sell bait, with profits going to the county.

“I personally would like to see a business open,” Dallke said.

Novak offered to contact people who have expressed interest in selling bait at the lake.

Commissioners then held a closed session to review applications for lake superintendent and decided to contact several applicants for interviews.

Last modified Jan. 31, 2018