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County gives 8.7% pay raises

News editor

Marion County Commission approved a new pay plan Monday that will raise 56 employees’ wages an average of 8.7 percent — but the approval is contingent on department heads’ confirmation that the changes will not put them over budget for 2014.

The commission approved the changes after an hour in closed session. Commissioner Randy Dallke voted against the new pay plan.

“The plan is a fair plan,” Dallke said Tuesday.

He said he has wanted a new pay plan, but doesn’t want to raise taxes to do it.

“All I heard was raise taxes,” he said.

Dallke said that if the county found ways to tighten its belt elsewhere to avoid a tax increase, he would have supported the new pay plan.

All told, the financial impact of the raises, if department heads confirm they can stay within their budgets, would be about $138,000, assuming all of those employees work a standard 40-hour work week.

Changes for 13 positions were approved to start in January. The remaining positions will change in July.

The road and bridge department had the most changes. It is the largest county department. Six equipment operator 1 employees would receive an average raise of 10.2 percent to $13.03 per hour. The pay range would be from $12.82 to $13.07 per hour.

Fourteen equipment operator 2 employees would receive an average raise of 10.9 percent to $14.59 with a range of $14.06 to $16 hourly. A pair of equipment operator 3 employees would receive a raise of 10.2 percent to an average of $15.56 per hour.

Overall the 28 road and bridge employees receiving raises — also including the asphalt lead operator, an equipment operator 2/mechanic, traffic sign lead, mechanic, and assistant road supervisor — would get 10.2 percent more.

The sheriff’s department and 911 would have the next most employees affected with 14 — four corrections officers, an office manager, three deputy sheriffs, a deputy sheriff/canine officer, jail administrator, undersheriff, and three 911 operators — in line to receive raises averaging 6.2 percent.

In the treasurer’s office, two assistant driver’s license examiners/clerks, a real estate clerk, and motor vehicle supervisor will receive an average raise of 10.8 percent among them. Their new wages will be between $11.43 and $15.10 an hour.

An office assistant and mapping coordinator in the appraiser’s office will receive an average raise of 8.9 percent to an average of $14.26 an hour. A pair of transfer station employees will receive raises averaging 9.2 percent to an average of $13.70 an hour.

A secretary in the county attorney’s office, courthouse custodian, park and lake assistant, and health department office manager will receive raises ranging from 1.6 percent to 17.7 percent, averaging 6.7 percent. Their wages will be between $10.83 and $15.73 an hour.

A pair of department heads are also set to receive raises under the new pay plan — 2.9 percent (to $22.37 an hour) for the ambulance director and 18.4 percent (to $21.95 an hour) for the planning and zoning and environmental health director.

Last modified June 26, 2014