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County jail

Jason Croft, 28, Durham, booked for court commitment May 24 by sheriff’s deputies.

Amy Donelson, 38, Peabody, arrested May 25 by Marion Police Department on a charge of driving while license suspended.

Doug Eden, 31, Peabody, arrested May 24 by Peabody Police Department on a charge of probation violation.

Lucas Hoskinson, 21, Hillsboro, arrested May 28 by sheriff’s deputies on a charge of failure to appear in court.

Dakota Langley, 21, Hillsboro, arrested May 25 by Hillsboro Police Department on a charge of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Charles Matthews, 31, Marion, booked for court commitment May 31 by sheriff’s deputies.

Remaining from previous weeks:

David Bean, 42, Marion, jailed since May 16.

Daniel Bowes, 36, Wichita, since Dec. 16.

Corbin Henson, 19, Newton, since May 22.

Kara Klaassen, 25, Peabody, since May 23.

Devon McGonigal, 18, Peabody, since March 27.

Matthew Mickey, 34, Hillsboro, since May 8.

Richard Pope, 29, Newton, since May 9.

Billy Prater, 21, Marion, since Jan. 22.

Mark Sattler, 47, Newton, since May 15.

Jean Luc Taylor, 22, McPherson, since May 6.

Ricci Welter, 45, Brewster, since May 22.

Gary Williams, 52, Marion, since Dec. 17,

Last modified June 6, 2013