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New arrests Oct. 31 through Friday:

Cameron Alvarez, 23, Herington, jailed on a Dickinson County warrant for probation violation, Nov. 18.

Lance Carter, 21, Hillsboro, jailed on charges of aggravated battery and disorderly conduct, Nov. 19.

Terry Clover, 61, Peabody, charged by Peabody police with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and direct contempt, Nov. 19.

Patrick Egan, 58, Burns, failure to appear in court, Friday.

John Bradley Flickinger, 49, Ramona, jailed on failure to appear in district court, Nov. 17; jailed again on Ramona municipal warrants for failure to pay fines and failure to appear, and bond revocation, Nov. 19.

Travis Friesen, 42, Lehigh, arrested by Kansas Highway Patrol on two Harvey County warrants of giving worthless checks, Nov. 17.

Megan Hutchinson, 18, Hutchinson, jailed on a Marion municipal warrant for failure to appear, Friday.

Amber Jackson, 21, Hillsboro, failure to appear in court, Nov. 17.

Daniel Kyle, 51, Florence, committed by the court, Friday.

David Nunn, 51, Peabody, arrested by Peabody police on a Peabody municipal warrant for failure to appear, Nov. 19.

Remaining from previous weeks:

Mari Beilfuss, 27, Florence, Oct. 31.

Curtis Curry, 25, Wichita, Aug. 8.

Bree Fryman, 18, Marion, Oct. 27.

Chris Lieder, 25, Wichita, Oct. 1.

Donald Litherland, 57, Herington, Nov. 14.

Shane Mascareno, 45, Herington, Oct. 6.

Levi Smith, 32, Newton, Nov. 7.

Last modified Nov. 26, 2014