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County jobless below 5 percent

Marion County’s unemployment rate in October was 4.8 percent, according to statistics released by Kansas Department of Labor.

That is a decrease from 5.1 percent in October 2009. The only neighboring county with lower unemployment was McPherson County at 4.6 percent. Other neighboring counties’ unemployment rates were:

  • Butler County, 7.6 percent.
  • Morris County, 6.8 percent.
  • Harvey County, 6.1 percent.
  • Chase County, 5.9 percent.
  • Dickinson County, 5.2 percent.

The statewide unemployment rate remained the same at 6.4 percent.

The unemployment rate only includes people who have actively looked for work in the past four weeks. It does not include out-of-work residents who have stopped looking for work or workers who are employed part time but seeking full-time work.

Last modified Dec. 9, 2010