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County lake dam to get minimal repair

Staff writer

County commissioners opted Monday to do the minimum necessary to repair the county lake dam after water swept over it late in June.

Lake superintendent Isaac Hett presented a report from Sustainable Environmental Consultants of Des Moines that estimated costs of $83,900 for minimum repair, $142,450 for medium repair, and $404,000 for maximum repair.

“Basically, they go in and take care of the eroded areas,” Hett told commissioners.

The medium repair would extend farther along the dam and include excavating a trench along the top of the entire dam, lining it with geotextile cloth, and backfilling the trench.

The maximum repair, which Hett considered unnecessary, would add reshaping the downstream slope and lining it with erosion-control matting.

Both the medium and maximum bids included removal of unwanted vegetation and reseeding the ground.

Money will come from risk management and general funds.

Trash hauling

Commissioners agreed to pay up to 171.7% more per month for Florence to collect trash at the county lake. However, they will seek bids from other trash haulers.

“Last year we were paying $495 a month for trash service of lake property,” Hett said.

Florence now wants to charge $849.90 a month to pick up trash weekly during the months of April through October, and $141.65 a month to pick up trash twice a month November through March.

Health department

After interviewing the only applicant who applied for health department administrator, vacant since Diedre Serene’s retirement Sept. 20, commissioners declined to make a hiring decision Monday.

They did approve temporary salary changes for nurse Wanda Manickam and office manager Jessica Gilbert because they will take on additional duties until a new department head is hired.

“Right now, Wanda will be the one in charge during the vacancy of the health department director,” chairman Randy Dallke said.

Elevator woes

Spencer said she will soon give commissioners recommendations for the courthouse elevator, which is operating but has failed three times in the last three months.

The repair company said the needed part is no longer being made. Spencer said she’d get some quotes from the elevator service company.

Last modified Sept. 30, 2021