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County lake still under warning for algae

Staff writer

Marion County Lake is under a blue-green algae warning after tests taken last week revealed the presence of harmful blue-green algae.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism issued the warning Thursday.

“They did new testing on Monday and she said it looked better, but we’re still under a warning,” lake supervisor Isaac Hett said. “On Thursday we’ll figure out whether the warning is going to stay — but I think it is. It looks a lot better out here but it’s still present in the water.”

Until the algae warning is rescinded, lake visitors and their pets should avoid direct contact with the water, although the park does remain open. Camping and boating are permitted.

Visitors should not swim, wade, or ski at the lake. They also should not drink lake water although water from drinking taps, sinks, or showers is safe. Pets should not be allowed to eat dried algae on the shore.

Fishing is allowed, but fish should be thoroughly washed and skinned before it is cooked and eaten. Anyone in contact with fish caught at the lake should thoroughly wash their hands after touching the fish and prevent animals from eating any parts discarded. Only the filets should be eaten. Any lake with scum on the surface, greenish water, or that appears to have a paint-like surface is unsafe for people and pets.

Last modified May 9, 2019