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County runner places 3rd overall at Emma Creek 5K

Lindsay Hincher, 25, Hillsboro, placed third overall, with a time of 21:38 at the 32nd annual Emma Creek 5k Saturday in Hesston.

Tiana Gaines, 36, Peabody, won in the 35-to-39-year-old category, and 37-year-old Ashley Janzen from Hillsboro came in fourth.

Seven-year-old Taylor Jaworsky from Hillsboro finished 12th in her age group, and 15-year-old Skyler Spurlin from Hillsboro placed 11th in hers.

In other age groups, Shaylynn Rauh, 21, finished 17th; Sarah Spurlin, 18, came in 19th place; and Ashley Stimpson, 22, finished 20th. All are from Hillsboro.

Bailey Kaufman, 28, Hillsboro, finished eighth and Christa Elliott, 26, Peabody, came in 14th place in their age group.

Emily Olson, 34, finished sixth in her group.

Amanda Jawosky, 40, finished 19th and Mary Rauh, also 40, finished 39th.

Gail Dyck, 50, Hillsboro, came in fourth in her age group.

Kay Klassen, 56, Hillsboro, placed third. Sherry Kaufman, 56, placed 15th; Kelly Bettles, 57, placed 23rd; and Carolyn Brazil, 57, finished in 29th. All are from Hillsboro, as are Donna Washmon, 60, who placed second in her age group. Sandy Banman, 63, was 16th. Esther Blecha, 62, placed 29th.

Sharon Jost, 65, finished 12th; Norma Tippin, 68, 19th; and Judy Flaming, 66, 21st.

Nanette Forrester, 72, finished 17th.

Last modified May 4, 2023