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County tax burden rates lowest in region

Marion County has the lowest combined tax burden of any surrounding county, according a new analysis by financial technology company SmartAsset.

Combined impact of income, sales, property, and fuel taxes are reflected in the analysis, released this past week.

Overall, Marion County ranked 42nd lowest among the state’s 103 counties.

Chase ranked 47th lowest; Morris, 65th; Dickinson, 79th; Saline, 80th; Harvey, 92nd; Butler, 95th; and McPherson, 97th.

Among the eight counties in the region, Marion tied with Butler for the lowest estimated annual impact of sales tax — $1,119 per household.

Together, the two counties ranked as the 9th and 10th least-taxed in the state in terms of sales tax.

Regional counties with the highest estimated annual sales tax per household were Dickinson at $1,530 and McPherson at $1,513. Statewide, the average was $1,325.

Among regional counties, Marion had the second lowest estimated property tax impact, $1,600 per household per year.

Chase was lowest at $1,496. Butler was highest at $2,380. Statewide, the average was $1,573, with Marion County’s property taxes slightly above average.

In the region, Marion has the second lowest estimated fuel tax impact, $193 per household per year. Morris, which was 10th lowest in the state, was the lowest in the region at $179. Chase was highest at $236. Statewide, the average was $206.

Income tax burden was calculated statewide on the basis of median income for all households in the state.

Sales tax burden was calculated on the basis of county median income by estimating that 35% of take-home pay was spent on taxable goods. City sales taxes were not reflected in the calculation.

Fuel tax burden was based on state averages for miles driven and county totals for licensed drivers, assuming nationwide averages for fuel economy.

In the state, Johnson County (suburban Kansas City) was rated as the most taxed while Elk County in southeastern Kansas (county seat, Howard) was rated as the least taxed.

Last modified June 10, 2020