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Courtroom outburst irks judge, draws harsh penalties

Staff writer

It is possible Brady Logan-Hannen, 19, of Peabody, learned a costly and perhaps painful lesson about attitude when he appeared in Peabody Municipal Court on Nov. 9.

He was in court for a hearing, charged in a Sept. 5 incident with furnishing alcohol to minors and for hosting minors consuming alcohol.

Municipal Court Judge Bradley Jantz found him guilty on both counts.

As Jantz began to explain to Logan-Hannan the reason for his findings, Logan-Hannan interrupted the judge and loudly exclaimed, “Just serve me!”

Jantz looked at the defendant for a moment and began again to explain his decision. Logan-Hannan, his voice still raised, repeated, “Just serve me!”

“It was really a disrespectful outburst,” said Peabody Court Clerk Jylle Wilson. “The room got quiet and it was almost like you could feel everyone holding their breath.”

“You’re not my daddy!” Logan-Hannan shouted at the judge.

Jantz paused and then, his own voice raised, said, “No, I am not. And your daddy could never do what I am going to do to you!”

He then hit Logan-Hannan with a $1,000 fine for purchasing alcohol for minors, twice the standard minimum fine of $500. Logan-Hannan also was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Next, Logan-Hannan was assessed an additional fine of $2,000, again twice the standard minimum amount, for providing a place for minors to consume alcohol. Jantz then slapped a second 90-day jail sentence on the young man.

Logan-Hannen will serve the jail sentences concurrently.

The cost of housing Logan-Hannan for three months at $25 per day will total roughly $2,250 and will be charged to him on his release. His fines will cost another $3,000 and miscellaneous court costs of $540 will be added to that total.

In addition, after his release he will be placed on probation for a year. He will not be released from probation until he pays back the more than $5,700 in fines and costs.

A no-contact order also was filed to keep Logan-Hannan from having contact with four minors involved in the drinking.

“He pretty much brought the fine increases and added jail time on himself,” said Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke, who was in court for the hearing. “He was disrespectful to Judge Jantz and the court and displayed a poor attitude toward him and the legal process.”

Logan-Hannan will appear in Peabody Municipal Court again on Dec. 14 for a probation revocation hearing.

Last modified Nov. 17, 2016