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Craft of coffee-brewing coming to fair

Staff writer

While many think of home décor and artwork while shopping at the Arts and Crafts fair, another craft going on Saturday includes food vendors.

A new food vendor at this year’s fair, Coffee and Scone, will be run by Austin Calam.

Calam will give attendees the opportunity to get their morning java at the fair after the closing of Little Pleasures Coffeehouse.

“As of the recent closing of a beloved shop, there is no longer a downtown business that provides what we’re selling,” Calam said. “We figured now was as good a time as any to jump into the market.”

While at college, Calam worked as a barista at a coffee shop in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

“I’m excited to be serving coffee again,” Calam said, “though I’m curious to see what Midwesterners like when it comes to coffee.”

Coffee and Scones will offer scones, hot coffee, and specialty coffee.

“Iced cold brew, a known favorite among coffee drinkers, will be provided as well as the good ol’ hot cup of Joe,” Calam said. “Over the years, our scones have been perfected down to the chocolate in the chip. We’re excited to share them with customers.”

Calam won’t run the booth alone; it will be run with help from his family.

“My brother and I will be serving the coffee, while mom is the mastermind behind the delicious scones,” Calam said. “Most importantly, though, has been my father, who has helped make this a reality. Practically speaking, he has helped us work through some of the logistics, but in terms of inspiration, we wouldn’t be doing this if he hadn’t sparked our love of coffee years ago.”

Coffee and Scones will be located in front of the Old Towne Market building on the north half of Main St.

Last modified Sept. 14, 2016