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Crafts make classroom feel like home


Staff writer

Hillsboro High School graduate Greta Wiebe not only crafts young minds. She also crafts crafts for her classroom.

Wiebe, who teaches 5th grade in Hesston, uses her love of crafts to help with students’ learning environment.

“I make things for my classroom all the time — both to make my room feel like home for my kids, but also for units,” Wiebe said. “Last year I created a solar system out of paper lanterns.”

Wiebe has sold homemade crafts at local events such as Hillsboro’s Down Home Christmas, but she normally does not go to shows to sell them.

“I tend to sell more of my crafts to people who have seen them on social media and then ask me to make something for them,” she said. “But I would love to someday open up some sort of online shop!”

Wiebe’s crafts include wooden signs, home décor, lanyards, and Chapstick holder keychains.

“I get my ideas from lots of places — Pinterest, stores that have decor I like,” Wiebe said, “but I often see something and put my own spin on it.”

At the end of the day, crafts become a way for Wiebe to wind down.

“I have always enjoyed making things, so I would say that I’ve always been a crafter,” Wiebe said. “but more so since high school. I do it because it’s relaxing to me, and I love seeing the end result.”

Last modified Aug. 4, 2016