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Creek bank restoration underway

A year after the bank of Luta Creek collapsed after heavy runoff, work to restore and reinforce the bank is underway.

Mies Construction employees worked last week to scoop out a four-feet-wide trench along the east side of the creek, parallel to Elm St. above.

A firm bed will be created in the trench, according to Don Brown, construction inspector for Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Geotextile fabric will be laid from the bottom of the trench to the top of the slope to Elm St., but not clear up to the curb.

Sand will be put inside the trench, and smaller rocks will be placed going up the slope.

Larger riprap will be spread on the slope from near the top to the trench below.

“Then more smaller rocky stuff on top of that until we get to the elevation we want to get to,” Brown said.

The bank collapsed after water from heavy rains last May flowed through broken and missing sections of curb. The water washed away portions of the bank and carried dozens of trees into the creek.

Fallen trees were removed from the creek and an access road to the bank that needed work was created, starting in January.

Work is being paid by a $219,750 grant from NRCS. The city’s matching share is $73,250.

Work to repair the broken gutter and curb damaged since at least 2014, at additional city expense, will be done after bank repairs are completed.

Last modified May 21, 2020