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Criminal cases

This information was the most current on file in criminal division of Marion County District Court as of March 23. Information often is not available until more than a week after hearings. Journal entries must be checked by the defense, prosecution, and judge before they are filed.

Brandon Lee Doherty, 1401 Adam Travis Court, Salina; arraigned March 13 on charges of aggravated battery, aggravated burglary, battery, criminal damage to property, and assault. Plea hearing scheduled for April 18.

Justin Makovec, 302 C St., Ramona; arraignment on a charge of criminal restraint continued from March 13 to April 18.

Stormy G. Snedecor, 304 SE 5th, Newton; had first appearance March 13 on a charge of obtaining prescription-only drug by fraudulent means. Preliminary hearing scheduled for April 4, outside of the usual 14-day window because of the court’s full docket.

Terrius J. Jones, 707 Cedar Creek Drive, Salina; arraigned March 13 on motion to revoke probation. Hearing scheduled for April 23.

James L. Findley, 107 W. 6th, Peabody; diversion agreement for a charge of domestic battery filed March 20. Terms include payment of $150 fee for a court-appointed attorney, completion of and compliance with a drug and alcohol evaluation, anger management, and A.S.A.P. evaluation. Diversion will continue six months.

Patricia Miller, 105 N. Birch, Hillsboro; arraigned March 13 on a charge of misdemeanor theft. Defendant waived formal arraignment, pleaded innocent, and requested a jury trial. Jury trial scheduled for April 20.

Douglas Edward Gable, 119 N. 8th, Herington; defendant did not appear at a hearing March 14 on charges of possession of an hallucinogenic drug (marijuana), possession of methamphetamine, possession of hydrocodone, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bench warrant issued for arrest, with no bond set. Defendant was found in Dickinson County Jail and a hold was placed March 19.

James Andrew Woods Sr., 1529 150th St., Eureka; findings and orders made Feb. 27 on bond appearance. Defendant was ordered to appear in court March 21 for proceedings in aid of execution or indirect contempt.

Traci E. Goldsberry, 616 N. 13th, Salina; bench warrant issued Feb. 28 for failure to appear Feb. 27 on a charge of falsely reporting a crime, bond set at $1,500. Defendant was picked up by Saline County on March 15 and a hold was placed. Prosecutions motion for forfeiture of bond was withdrawn March 15.

Rebecca Alline Almond, 309 Lincoln, Hillsboro; motion to overturn Feb. 27 dismissal of criminal trespass charge made because defendant hadn’t moved out of state, which was the basis for the dismissal. A hearing was scheduled for March 19.

Dawnyele Reynolds, 102 W. Santa Fe Apt. 3, Marion; Feb. 27 hearing continued to April 20 for jury trial on a charge of misdemeanor theft.

Jean Luc Taylor, 705 E. Elizabeth, McPherson; sentencing on convictions of criminal threat and battery continued from March 5 to April 2.

Trevor William McAdoo, 70312 NE 20th, Luka; preliminary hearing on a charge of felony theft continued from March 9 to April 18.


Ronald J. Ewing Jr., 325 North Park Apt. D, Ogden; had first appearance March 14 on a charge of driving with a suspended license. Arraignment scheduled for May 16.

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