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This information was filed last week in criminal division of district court. If no address is listed, no address was available on court records.

James R. Caulk formally was charged June 2 with domestic battery.

Amanda L. Davis formally was charged June 3 with distribution of methamphetamine and unlawful manufacture, distribution, cultivation, or possession of a controlled substance using a communication facility.

Phillip D. Heathcock formally was charged June 3 with distribution of methamphetamine.

Nathan A. Porter was sentenced May 23 to a year’s probation for criminal threat and domestic battery and ordered to pay $558. A charge of aggravated burglary was dismissed.

Rene G. Prieto formally was charged June 3 with possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana without a drug tax stamp and drug paraphernalia, driving without a valid driver’s license, no proof of insurance, transportation of liquor in an open container, and speeding.

Todd P. Singley formally was charged June 2 with aggravated battery and aggravated endangering a child. The charge stems from a May 14 incident in which Singley, Newton, got into a fight with a female companion on a trip. Singley stopped the car on US-56 and tried to pull the woman out of the car, but she drove off instead. Hillsboro police said at the time the woman had a head wound and possibly a broken nose.

Last modified June 8, 2022