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This information was filed last week in criminal division of district court. All fines include court costs. If no address is listed, no address was available on court records.

Brandi Nicole Bosley was formally charged April 12 with possession of methamphetamine, possession of hydrocodone, interference with law enforcement, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Lauren R. Wolf was formally charged April 12 with interference with law enforcement and failure to wear a seat belt; and formally charged April 13 with seven counts of violation of the offender registration act.

Tammy S. Britton was charged April 18 with criminal damage to property.

Patric Gary Patterson was formally charged April 19 with conspiracy to commit kidnapping, conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery, criminal threat, conspiracy to commit felony theft, and battery.

Clayton T. Lingenfelter was formally charged April 19 with three counts of criminal possession of a firearm.

Derek D. Summers pleaded no contest March 20 to violation of the offender registration act and was sentenced to a year’s probation.

Dalton M. Sardou’s diversion agreement on charges of possession of THC was terminated April 10.

Tracy Don Freeman was sentenced April 10 to 18 months’ probation and ordered to pay $1,424.24 in costs and fees.

Tessa Deann Gray pleaded no contest April 10 to two coun

Last modified April 25, 2018