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Crowd files for commission, but attorney left out

Staff writer

Possibly a record number of candidates for county commissioner filed by Monday’s deadline, but one county official didn’t meet legal requirements to file in time.

County attorney Joel Ensey filed a petition seeking to return to his position, but the petition he presented did not have the required number of signatures. Ensey now will run a write-in campaign.

Nine people filed for four commission seats that will be on the ballot this year. A single candidate, Jonah Gehring, filed in District 5. Three people filed to run in District 2, three in District 4, and two in District 3.

Candidates include:

  • District 2: incumbent Dianne R. Novak (R), Tampa, and challengers Michael D. Beneke (R), Lincolnville, and David Mueller (independent), Tampa. Novak and Beneke will face each other in the Aug. 4 primary, and Mueller will be on the ballot with the primary winner in the Nov. 3 general election.
  • District 3: incumbent Randy Dallke (R), Peabody, and challenger Randall M. Eitzen (R), Peabody. They will face off in the Aug. 4 primary.
  • District 4: incumbent Dave Crofoot (R), Marion, and challengers Tom Britain (R), Florence, and Amy Soyez (R), Marion, will face off in the Aug. 4 primary.

Only one other countywide race will have competition.

For treasurer, Susan E. Berg (R), Marion, and Rhonda Casey Curry (R), Florence, will be on the ballot for the Aug. 4 primary.

Filing unopposed were

  • County clerk: Tina D. Spencer (R), Peabody.
  • Register of deeds: Rebecca Wingfield (R), Marion.
  • Sheriff: Robert P. Craft (R), Marion.

Candidates filing for city offices will appear on the Nov. 3 general election ballot. They include Gerald Dean Kegley, Travis R. Kegley, Leah January, and Tom Grimwood for Burns city council; Brent Driggers for Hillsboro ward 1; Byron McCarty for Hillsboro ward 2; Jason Wyckoff for Ramona mayor; and Mark Lockhart for Ramona city council.

Township trustees, treasurers, and precinct committees will be elected Aug. 4.

Filing for township trustee were Jess Whiteman, Marion, for Centre; Ana “Kike” Krause, Lincolnville, for Clear Creek; Jeff Inlow, Florence, for Doyle; Evan Yoder, Peabody, for East Branch; Charles DeForest, Florence, for Fairplay; Linda Peters, Hillsboro, for Liberty; Warren Unruh, Tampa, for Logan; Carol L. Duerksen, Hillsboro, for Menno; Norma Patton, Peabody, for Peabody; and Verney L. Voth, Newton, for West Branch. All are Republican.

Filing for township treasurer were Leroy Kraus (R), Marion, for Centre; Marcus Carlson (R), Lincolnville, for Clear Creek; Kathy Inlow (R), Florence, for Doyle; Robert L. Unruh, (D), Durham, for Durham Park; Clifford Hett (R), Peabody, for Fairplay; Marvin E. Meisinger, (R), Marion, for Gale; Robert E. Ware (R), for Logan; DeAllen Unrau (R), Newton, for West Branch.

Filing for precinct committees were Dolores K. Duggan, (D) for Blaine committeewoman; Martin L. Holler (D), and Fred Davidson (R), for Centre committeeman; Rose Davidson (R) for Centre committeewoman; Emily Costello Kennedy (D) and Ashley R. Hoffman (R) for Clark committeewoman; and Dan R. Peterson (D) and Ronnie Carlson (R) for Clear Creek committeeman; and Linda D. Peterson (D) and Susan Peterson (R) for Clear Creek committeewoman; Ronald G. Duke for Durham Park committeeman; and Shirley J. Duke, (R), for Durham Park committeewoman.

Also filing for precinct committees are Dan Suderman (R) for East Branch committeeman; Charles D. DeForest (R) for Fairplay committeeman; Catherine DeForest (R) for Fairplay committeewoman; Randy V. Mills (R) for Florence 1st committeeman; Judith S. Mills (R), for Florence 1st committeewoman; Rodney Ralph Williams (R), for Florence 2nd committeeman; Mary Ann Grimmett (D) for Florence 2nd committeewoman; Donald E. Stenzel (R) for Gale committeeman; Betty Ann Stenzel, (R), for Gale committeewoman; Harry J. Sieger, (D), and Mark D. Harms (R), for Grant committeeman; Eileen A. Sieger, (D), and Jeannine A. Bateman, (R) for Grant committeewoman; Reginald Matz (D), and Daniel T. Moss (R) for Hillsboro 1st committeeman; Christine Cederberg (D) and Candace Moss (R) for Hillsboro 1st committeewoman; and Clinton H. Seibel (R) for Hillsboro 2nd committeeman.

Additional candidates for precinct committees include Ronald L. Duerksen (R) for Lehigh committeeman; Francine K. Duerksen (R) for Lehigh committeewoman; Willis D. Ensz, (D) and Linden Thiessen (R), for Liberty committeeman; Marilyn R. Ensz (D), and CleoBeth Friesen (R), for Liberty committeewoman; Gary D. Hajek (R) for Lost Springs precinct committeeman; Vickie K. Hajek (R) for Lost Springs precinct committeewoman; Jerry O. Makovek (R) for Marion North committeeman; Janet Bryant (D), and Myrta J. Billings (R) for Marion North committeewoman; J. Robert Brookens (R) for Marion South committeeman; Susan C. Robson, (R) for Marion South committeewoman; Richard E. Tippin (R) for Menno committeeman; and Norma J. Tippin (R) for Menno committeewoman; Clinton A. Cope (R) for Milton committeeman; Wayne Geis (R) for Moore committeeman; and Debra Geis (R), for Moore committeewoman.

Also filing for precinct committees are: Thomas Spencer (R) for Peabody East committeeman; Tina D. Spencer (R) for Peabody East committeewoman; Gregory Topham (R) for Peabody West committeeman; Kim Topham (R) for Peabody West committeewoman; Shayla Clark (R) for Summit committeewoman; Patrick A. Flaming (R) and Gary Lyndake (D) for West Branch committeeman; Amy L. Flaming (R) for West Branch committeewoman; Roger Hiebert (R) for Wilson committeeman; and Mary Alice Hiebert (R) for Wilson committeewoman.

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