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Sheriff of Marion County to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, sheriff’s deed; part of SE4 SE4 SW4 30-21-3.

Frank and Jan Moffitt to Thomas E. Moffitt and Ronda Lee Moffitt, co-trustees, warranty deed; unv. one-half interest in N2 SW4 20-19-5.

U.S. Bank National Association trustee, by POA, to DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc., quitclaim deed; part of NW4 SW4 26-19-1.

DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc., by POA, to Helen T. Schmidt, trustee, warranty deed; part of NW4 SW4 26-19-1.

Pamelia Adams KNA Pamelia Wells and Harvey Wells to Pamelia and Harvey Wells, quitclaim deed; Lots 610, 612, 614, and the S 7’ of Lot 616, Main Street, Florence.

Pamelia A. Adams KNA Pamelia A. Wells, Harvey Wells, and Paul R. and Susan Wikoff to Paul R. Wikoff and Pamelia A. Wells, quitclaim deed; part of W2 NE4 20-22-5, lying W of highway.

Jeremy and Valerie E. Duerksen to Jeremy and Valerie E. Duerksen, quitclaim deed; Lot 3, Block 4, Kliewer’s Addition, Hillsboro.

Steven F. and Dana L. Wear to Roman and Rebecca Hofer, warranty deed; south 15 feet of Lot 2, all of Lot 3, and north half of Lot 4, Block 26, Southern Addition, Marion.

Gary Floyd and Rebecca Pankratz, Jay Marc and Carlotta Pankratz, and Laura Kay an Charles Call to Clifford J. Hett Trust and Evelyn I. Hett Trust, warranty deed; west 30 acres of E2 SE4 13-20-3.

Renee Livingston to Reed Cecil, Rochelle Cecil, and River Cecil, quitclaim deed; Lot 10 and the N 20’ of Lot 11, Block 4, Beebe’s Addition, Hillsboro.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Blue Spruce Entities LLC, warranty deed; Lots 155 and 156, Range 5, St. Francis City, commonly called Burns.

Blue Spruce Entities LLC to Soteria U.S. Property Inc., warranty deed; Lots 155 and 156, Range 5, St. Francis City, commonly called Burns.

ESC Properties LLC to Charles Hui Yang, warranty deed; Lot 5, exc. East 165 feet of said lot, Block 1, County Clerk’s 3rd Hillsboro Plat, Hillsboro.

Harry V. and Janice L. Willems to Janice L. Willems, quitclaim deed; Lot 26, Block 1, Willow Glen Addition, Hillsboro.

Ronald Lee Cotton Jr. to Linda K. Johnson, quitclaim deed; part of NE4 6-20-4 (2 tracts).

Paul R. Morse and Elaine M. Morse, trustees, to Roger Schwab, trustee’s deed; part of SE4 9-20-4 (same being Lot 5, Schlotthauer Subdivision #2A).

Marilyn J. Ostmeyer to Patrick A. Ostmeyer, quitclaim deed; part of NE4 4-18-4.

Patrick A. Ostmeyer to Marilyn J. Ostmeyer, quitclaim deed; E2 SW4 4-18-4.

Melvin R. Rosfeld, executor, to Randy Eitzen, executor’s deed; NE4 SE4 and NE4 exc. 7-21-2.

Charla G. Ramsey to Melissa A. Ramsey, quitclaim deed; Lots 602, 604, 606, 608, Main Street, Florence.

John and Mary Anne Faunce, Vicki and Eugene Sturlin, Nancy and David Norman, and Susan Faunce to Rodney Faunce and Robert Faunce, quitclaim deed; Lots 147, 148, 149, 150, 151, Range 5, St. Francis City, commonly called Burns.

Judy Marie Zaloudek to the Judy M. Zaloudek Revocable trust, quitclaim deed; NW4 28/1/03.

Kenneth A. and Tena M. Lundgren to Kenneth A. and Tena M. Lundgren, quitclaim deed; Lot 1, N33’ Lot 2, Block 39, Southern Addition, Marion.

Martin D. and Sonja A. Koslowsky to Paul E. and Tina M. Partridge, warranty deed; part of NE4 11-22-3.

Neva B. Smith and Gale A. Cooper to Teri Michelle Cookson, warranty deed; Lots 7, 8, Block H, Eastshore Development, Marion County.

Tampa State Bank to Thomas J. Ash, warranty deed; part of Lot 8, Block 17, Billings & Bowers Addition, Marion, and part of SW4 32/19/04.

Melvin R. Rosfeld, executor, to Donald G. and Mary L. Rosfeld, executor’s deed; NW4 8/21/02 exc.

Steven R. Eis to Douglas R. and Nancy J. Graber, warranty deed; Lot 6, Block 5, County Clerk’s 7th, Hillsboro.

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