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These deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County register of deeds:

Jeff Boese and wife to Charles Higley and wife, quit-claim deed; South 1,210.25 feet NW/4, 31-20-1.

Eric L. Kline and wife to Robert Adelbert Nichols Jr. et al, trustees, warranty deed; North 3 feet of Lot 11, all of Lot 12 and S/2 of Lot 13, Block 12, Freeborn’s Addition, Marion.

Irwin Brooks Hill to Jeffrey S. Saxton et al., warranty deed; Lot 7, Lakeside Subdivision, Marion County Lake.

Merle M. Roehrman and wife, co-trustees, to Monty E. Stuchlik and wife, warranty deed; E/2 NW/4, 22-17-4.

Rikki Palone-Mansell et al to Richard Palone III, warranty deed; Lot 11, Echo Lane Subdivision and part of Lot 7, Zeller’s Fifth Subdivision, all adjacent to Marion County Park and Lake.

Jennifer K. Unruh to Kevin Lee Hower, warranty deed; Lot 12, S/2 Lot 13, Westside Addition, Hillsboro.

Brian Thomas Grosse to Nathan McGee and wife, quit-claim deed; Lot 10, S/2 Lot 11, Block 19, North Peabody, Peabody.

Mary J. Harrison to Robert W. Echtenacher et al, warranty deed; North 20 feet Lot 23, all Lot 24, Block 11, Freeborn’s Addition, Marion.

Gail Makovec and wife to Eric R. Strong, warranty deed; E/2 E/2 NW/4, 13-18-3.

Douglas J. Svitak, administrator, to Randy L. Svitak et al, trustees, administrator’s deed; E/2 SW/4, 10-18-4.

Raymond D. Martinez and wife to Bryan Grosse, warranty deed; West 15 feet Lot 6, all Lots 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and Lot 13 except West 20 feet, Block 7, Beebe’s Addition, Marion.

HSBC Bank USA, National Association, trustee, to Billy Gene Adams and wife, warranty deed; Lots 610, 612, 614, and South 7 feet Lot 616, Main Street, Florence.

Secretary of Transportation to City of Florence, quit-claim deed; part NE/4, 12-21-4.

Last modified Aug. 5, 2010