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These deeds were reported as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Harvest Meadow LLC to City of Goessel, quitclaim deed, lots 1, 3-8, and A of block A, and lots 1-4, 18, 19, and B of block B, Harvest Meadow, Goessel.

Dean Bartel Family Homestead LLC to Kaiser Farms LLC, 598 310th St., Durham.

James M. and Lisa Lee Hoffman to James Mark and Lisa Lee Hoffman, quitclaim deed, 1550 Falcon Rd., Hillsboro, and 12.01 acres east of Falcon Rd. north of 150th Rd.

William E. Thomas to Janet Rau, transfer-on-death warranty deed, 992 330th Rd., Tampa.

Dean L. Redger to Jaraine Redger, 40.97 acres east of Eagle Rd. north of 340th Rd.

Jaraine Redger to Dean I. Redger, undivided one-third interest in 79.33 acres east of Chisholm Trail Rd.

Ann K. and Kenneth R. Bruner to Kathryn A. Armstrong, trustee, Garry W. and Sharlyn R. Dunnegan, 37 Lakeshore Dr., Marion.

Steven D. and Gayle Dianne Seibel to Rabbit Hole Ranch LLC, 53.51 acres south of 130th Rd. west of Indigo Rd.

Joyce M. Richmond Revocable Trust to Cory and Rebecca Erwin, trustee’s deed, 1616 Remington Rd., Marion.

Joel D. Worthington to Glen M. Schmidt and Diana R. Roberts, quitclaim deed, 38.85 acres northwest of 110th and Goldenrod Rds., 136.74 acres south of 110th Rd. east of Goldenrod Rd., and 76.94 acres southwest of 140th and Holly Rds.

Esther L. Pankratz to Richard D. and Marguerite A. Hofer, 205 S. Ash St. Apt. 8, Hillsboro.

City of Marion to Ann McLinden, cemetery deed, lot 32 NW4 (two spaces), St. Mark’s Catholic section, Marion Cemetery.

Jay Lyle McClure by power of attorney, and Mary Catherine McClure to Justin T. and Brea A. Hett, 1723 140th Rd. and 1725 140th Rd., Aulne.

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