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Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Delmar R. and Wilma N. Iseli to Pam Lee Enterprises LLC, 330 E. Main St., Marion.

Scott C. and Amy L. Rowles to Gordon R. and Tracy Linn Parks, 318 N Cedar, Marion.

Eldon L. and Rhonda L. Hett to William E. and Kathleen A. Goentzel, 225 N. Cedar, Marion.

Elsie Cook by power of attorney Kenneth E. Cook, Deanna Cook, Robert E. Cook to Stanton L. and Karen L. Williams, 225 W 5th, Florence.

Justin C. and Rachel A. Hawpe to Eddie and Marja Tedder, 1624 Mustang Rd., Marion.

Ronald W. and Marnett E. Hatchett, trustee’s to Russell and Camille Adrian, trustee’s deed, 353 80th Rd., West Branch Township.

Wilbur E. and Mildred D. Hanneman Living Trust to Devin Metzinger and Madison Hovey, trustee’s deed. 708 W A St, Hillsboro.

Dalke Trust to Jonathan M. and Dana J. Maxfield, trustee’s deed, 1503 Indigo Rd., Hillsboro.

Yanda Revocable Living Trust to Anthony Schilling, trustee’s deed, 526 and 602 Main St., Tampa.

Mary A. Schmidt to Mitchell D. Frantz, quitclaim deed, 401 S. Floral Dr, Hillsboro.

Travis S. Burns to Agri Trail Coop Inc, 512 W Wichita, Lincolnville.

Steven R. and Anita R. Ewing to Board of Trustees, Christian Church, 231 W 8th, Florence.

Ralph W. Janzen to Ray Janzen and Corey Janzen transfer on death warranty deed, 114 N. Madison St. and 410 S. Birch, Hillsboro.

Whitney Enterprises LLC to Chris L. and Heidi S. Hittle, 311 N. Pine St., Peabody.

Last modified July 13, 2016