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These deeds were reported as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Larry E. Baxter, quitclaim deed to Larry E. Baxter, 2676 240th Rd., Marion.

City of Marion, cemetery deed to Richard E. and Roanne L. Barnes, Lot 2, Block 86, Marion Cemetery.

Donnie R. and Elaine K. Ratzlaff, trustees, trustee’s deed to Michelle Foster and Kimberly O’Neil, trustees, 76.35 acres southeast of 220th and Moccasin Rds.

Damien E. Svitak to Kathleen I and Randy L. Svitak, trustees, 41.91 acres southwest of Jade and 290th Rds.

Kenneth M. and Sharon M. Chase to Kenneth M. and Sharon M. Chase, trustees, 156.56 acres northeast of K-15 and 340th Rd.

Loren M. and Carol Koehn, quitclaim deed to Harlin J. and Sherry J. Koehn, mineral interest for 82.05 acres east of Bison Rd. between 220th and 230th Rds.

Harlin J. and Sherry J. also known as Sherry Koehn, transfer on death warranty deed to Douglas J., Scott A., and Mark D. Koehn, 82.05 acres east of Bison Rd. between 220th and 230th Rds.; and 163.04 acres south of 220th Rd. between Chisholm and Diamond Rds.

Richard G. and Janice L. Fanter to Richard G. and Janice L. Fanter, co-trustees, 90 Lakeshore Dr., Marion County Park and Lake.

Glen W. and Mary Lou Unrau, co-trustees, trustee’s deed to Carolina E. Gurley, 77.98 southwest of 140th and Eagle Rds., Hillsboro.

William and Connie Dutton to Eric and Clarissa Dutton, 979 90thRd., Peabody.

Grace Kathleen Allen to Tammie D. Myers, trustee, 108 Date St.

Kevin D. and Kathy L. Klein to Kevin Dean and Kathy Lynn Klein, trustees, 1110 Parkway Ct., Hillsboro; 114.92 acres southeast of 270th and Xavier Rds., and 130.10 acres south of 290th between K-15 and Indigo Rds.

Warren, Donna, Wayne, and Neva Kreutziger, and Willis D. and Joyce K. Kreutziger trustees, to Rawhide Limited Partnership, 137.85 acres north of U.S.- 56 between Nighthawk and Mustang Rds.

Iris M. Summers to Martin G. and Anita J. Hooper, 141 N. Cedar St., Marion .

Juan M. and Amanda L. Castro, to Keith P. and Madison M. Tucker, 870 U.S.- 56, Hillsboro.

Rollind E. and Melissa A. Bartel to Juan and Amanda Castro, 1161 210th Rd. and 68.43 acers southeast of 210th and Kanza Rds. emergency

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