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These deeds were reported as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Max G. Williams, also known as Max Williams, also known as Max Galen Williams, to Max G. Williams, trustee, 310 W. 3rd St., 311 W. 2nd St., and Lots 12-24, Block 1, Florence.

Jim and Shirley J. Ratzloff, co-trustees, quit claim deed to Jim and Shirley J. Ratzloff, co-trustees,143.12 acres northeast of Kanza and 120th Rds.; 72.91 acres southwest of 120th and Limestone Rds.; 76.82 acres northeast of 120th and Mustang Rds.; 77.4 acres north of 110th Rd. between Pawnee and Quail creek Rds.; 79.36 acres north of 100th Rd. between Remington and Quail creek Rds.; 158.47 acres northeast of 140th and Mustang Rds.; and 1225 Mustang Rd., Peabody.

Megan Dawn Swink, quit claim deed to Richard Dean Swink, 312 E. Santa Fe St., Marion.

Evelyn J. Kessler, also known as Joyce Kessler, quit claim deed to The Evelyn J. Kessler Living Trust, 118.69 acres southwest of 220th and Eagle Rds.; 148.45 acres southeast of 220th and Eagle Rds.; and 1104 Bradford Ct., Hillsboro.

Brian and Danita Unrau to Daren G. and Melissa A. Arndt, 412 Highway 56, Lehigh.

Eunice M. and Larry J. Steiner, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Joseph O. and David E. Mork, 510 Columbus St., Tampa.

Richard M. Harber, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Samantha E. Noonan, 103 E. 9th St., Florence.

Richard W. and Kimberlee Renee Carlson to Claude A. Wynn, 205 S. Main St., Hillsboro.

Jonathan B. and Staci R. Wiebe to Douglas M. and Helen M. Wiebe, 73.72 acres northwest of 20th St. and Nighthawk Rd.

Bryan L. and Rebecca R. Thomas to Wendell D. and Patricia A. Cook, and Travis D. and Audriana M. Cook, 25.88 acres southeast of 110th and Eagle Rds.; 617 110th, Hillsboro.

Ronald L. and Karen K. Ferguson, also known as Karen Kay Ferguson, to Ronald L. and Karen K. Ferguson, co-trustees, 25.05 acres southeast of 110th and Eagle Rds.; 39.89 acres northeast of 110th and Eagle Rds.

Castlerock 2017, LLC to James and Pamela Axelrad, 402 Main St., Tampa.

Warren and Donna V. Kreutziger, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Kimberly Ann Richardson, 1504 and 1501 194th Rd.; 1941 Navajo Rd., and 307 S. Garfield St., Marion.

Ray N. Funk Revocable Trust, trustee’s deed to Martha Krause, 210 W. Grand St., Hillsboro.

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