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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Mozart, LLC, mineral rights only to Freeport Securities Company, south half of section 20 range 2, Durham Park township; north half, south half and southwest quarter of section 7 range 3, Catlin township.

Jerry A. and Lenore A. Dieter, Larry W. and Sally Dieter, trustees, to Ray Allen and Jami Dawn Helmer, 119.73 acres west of Alfalfa Rd. between 180th and 190th Rds.

Roger Will, also known as Roger A. Will and Jody Will, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Christopher A. Will and Alexandria Hawkes, 1978 340th Rd.

Shields Farms, Inc. corporation deed to Kenneth J. Shields, trustee, 132.88 acres south of 320th between Wagon Wheel Rd. and US-56.

Timothy P. and Lisa A. Donahue to Timothy Patrick Donahue and Lisa Ann Donahue, trustees, ½ interest in each of the following: 466.50 acres southwest of 280th and Bluestem Rds.; 159.76 acres northwest of 250th and Bluestem Rds.; 316.44 acres northeast of 250th and Clover Rds.; 475.17 acres northeast of 240th and Clover Rds.; 156.71 acres southeast of 240th and Clover Rds.; 474.19 acres northeast of 210th and Zebulon Rds.; 156.99 acres southeast of 210th and Zebulon Rds.; 155. 88 acres southeast of 240th and Bluestem Rds; and 2461 Clover Rd.

Franzen Family Revocable Trust, trustee deed to Doyle Franzen, 39.72 acres southwest of 80th and Chisholm Trail Rds.; to Laverle Franzen, 744 Chisholm Trail Rd.; to Teresa Kennedy, 40.09 acres southwest of 90th and Chisholm Trail Rds.; and to Laverle Franzen, Teresa Kennedy, and Doyle Franzen, 1/3 interest in 39.72 acres southwest of 80th and Chisholm Trail Rds.

Reno L. and Edith A. Penner Revocable Trust, trustee deed to Timothy M. and Colleen A. Lohrenze, trustees, 52.06 acres northwest of 120th and Indigo Rds.

Caren Sue Watson quitclaim deed to Rex Allen Watson, 601 W. Potters St., Peabody.

Tyler B. and Pray Diepenbrock to Landon and Ashley Hinkson, a single tract in the southeast quarter of 2664 300th Rd.

Julian and Linda J. Guerra to Julian A. Guerra II and Amy Guerra, 1070 X-Ranch Rd.

Emprise Bank to Jerry A. and Sheila K. Thouvenell, 107 and 109 Elm St., Hillsboro.

Evelyn J. Kessler, also known as Joyce Kessler, corrected quitclaim deed to The Evelyn J. Kessler Living Trust, 118.69 acres southwest of 220th and Eagle Rds.; 148.45 acres southeast of 220th and Eagle Rds.; and 1104 Bradford Ct., Hillsboro.

Gregory C. and Zeola A. Langenegger Trust, trustee deed to Treble Clef Farm, LLC, Brett J. Klingenberg, trustee, Grant and Allison Klingenberg, and Derek and Kara Klingenberg, 159.97 acres northeast of Vista and 30th Rds.

Last modified Jan. 18, 2018