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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

In three separate transactions, Douglas K. Huxman, trustee, trustee deed to, Douglas K. and Vickie L. Huxman; Douglas K. and Vickie L. Huxman, by power-of-attorney, quitclaim deed to Douglas K. Huxman; and Douglas K. Huxman, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Christopher S. Huxman, 201 W. Juniper St., Hillsboro.

Sara Bretches, by power-of-attorney, to Rental Management LLC to 15.83 acres at 1091 Indigo Rd.

Cynthia L. and Roger K. Fleming, co-trustees, trustee deed to Family trust of Scott Walter and Kristy Arlene Anderson, 1002 Grandview Ct., Hillsboro.

Justin A. and Christina R. Morrison to Casey G. Regalado, 508 W. 7th St., Lincolnville.

Kathleen A. Oborny to Thomas L. Oborny, part of 748.15 acres at 2050 240th Rd.

Alda M. Hiebert, Thomas D. Hiebert, and Ronald Lee Ediger, quitclaim deed to Thomas D. Hiebert and Ronald Lee Ediger, 402 E. Marion St., Goessel.

George A. and Sharron K. Schutte, to Austin M. Jost, part of 160.15 acres southeast of 230th and Alamo Rds.

Randall L. Ecklund living trust, trustee deed to Lance Frederick and Selena Marie Diepenbrock, 159.37 acres southwest of Upland and 330th Rd.

Patricia C. Nelson, to Lance Frederick and Selena Marie Diepenbrock, 110.81 acres northwest of Xavier and 300th Rds.

Randall L. Ecklund living trust, trustee deed to Lance Frederick and Selena Marie Diepenbrock, 71.04 acres northeast of Vista and 330th Rds.

Shelly Ray Schale to Dirk E. Young, 105 S. Wilson St., Hillsboro.

Howard L. and Mary E. Argo Collette, by power-of-attorney, to Keith and Anne L. Collett, part of 158.42 acres north of 240th Rd., between Zebulon and Xavier Rds.

Jon C. Gilmer to Brent L. Gilmer, 1738 Upland Rd.

Kevin Wayne Vicars to Kevin NW. Vicars and Charles A. Vicars, Part of 79.53 acres northeast of Mustang and 20th Rds.

Travis L. Ratzloff, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Curtis L. Ratzloff and Derrick E. Ratzloff, 125 and 131 S. Roosevelt St., Marion.

Darla Jo and Jared Craighead to Evan Slater, 236 E 7th St., Florence.

Larry E. and Judy Klein transfer-on-death warranty deed to Ty D. Klein, Troy E. Klein, and Roxann Klein, 303 N. Adam St., Hillsboro.

Edward P. Vinduska revocable living trustee, to Daniel E. and Melissa A. Stuchlik, and Richard Ross and Megan R. Stuchlik, 155.69 acres northeast of 270th and Mustang Rds.

Dana R. and Bonnie M. Gleason quitclaim deed to Dana R. and Bonnie M. Gleason Family trust, 1024 Chisholm Trail Rd.

Travis Bruce and Sheila Rae Hett to Michon and Lynn B. Robertson, 226 N. Locust St., Marion.

Daniel and Jessica Hauserman, quitclaim deed to Gary and Deanna Jone Trusty, 804 N. Walnut St., Peabody.

Haley M. Foth to Haley M. and Zane T. Deacon, 205 S. Elm St, Hillsboro.

Connie Alvarez, transfer-on-death-warranty deed to Joe Alvarez Jr., Ruby Kilmer, Ronald Alvarez, Carmen Alvarez, Angela Seifert, and Tony Alvarez, 208 W. Lincoln St., Lost Springs.

Deana l. Olsen, quitclaim deed to Lorri Jost, 168.67 acres northwest of 190th and Quail Creek Rds.

Tommy L. Richards and Marlene A. Richards to Richard Enns, 317 S. Birch St., Hillsboro.

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