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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Stephen T. and Louis B. Vestring to Vestring Holdings, LLC, 158.7 acres northeast of Alfalfa and 40th Rds.; 157.85 acres southeast of 50th and Arrow Rds.; 513.98 acres southeast of 50th and Clover Rds.; 238.25 acres southeast of 50th and Arrow Rds.; 156.43 acres at 380 Arrow Rd.; 3.23 acres west of Curve Rd., between 30th and 50th Rds.; 154.05 acres northeast of 30th and Arrow Rds., and 625.38 acres northwest of 30th Rd., and Marion/Chase County line.

Joann M. Knak, trustee, quitclaim deed to Mark E. Slater, Alan R. Slater, and Gary L. Slater, 702 W. Grand St. Hillsboro.

Mary Ann Unger living trust, trustee deed to Randall M. Eitzen, trustee, 79.16 acres west of Nighthawk Rd., between 120th and 130th Rds.; 82.99 acres southeast of 100th and Limestone Rds.; 154.03 acres southwest of 100th and Limestone Rds., and 79.29 acres south of 90th Rd., between Jade and Kanza Rds.

Lowell Lee Larsen, to Lowell Larsen revocable trust, 6.43 acres west of US-77, between 30th and 40th Rds.; 155.75 acres northeast of Yarrow and 30th Rds.; 160 acres north of 30th Rd., between Yarrow and Zebulon Rds.; 120 acres east of Yarrow Rd., between 30th and 40th Rds., and 40 acres east of US-77, between 30th and 40th Rds.

Myron J. and Judith A. Steiner, to Dane Trow, 600 E. Centennial Dr., Goessel.

In two separate transactions, Tonda L. Smith living trust, trustee deed to Dennis E. and Tonda L. Smith, and Dennis E. Smith and Tonda L. Smith, warranty deed to Tonda L. and Dennis E. Smith, trustees, 107 Lakeshore Dr., Marion County Park and Lake.

J. Robert Brookens, and Susan C. Robson, co-trustees and executor, trustee deed to Van and Linda Peters, 258.79 acres south of 260th Rd., between Alamo and Bison Rds.

Evelyn A. Bredemeier, by power-of-attorney, to Richard L. and Patricia R. McLinden, 225 C. Cedar St., Marion.

Michael Bruce Hett, to Allen and Jennifer Stapleford, a lost east of Palm St., between 141 Terr. and 141st Rd., and 1411 Palm St.

Denise Deann Krause, quitclaim deed to the Denise D. Krause trust, 605 N. Poplar St., Peabody.

Sabrina Marie Shields, quitclaim deed to Heath Shields, 205 Lincolnville St., Lincolnville.

Gary L. and Connie D. Beavers, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Mathew D. Beavers and Erin M. Beavers, 206 W. Willow Glen Ln., Hillsboro.

Edith J. Meierhoff, trustee, trustee deed to Edith J. Meierhoff, trustee, undivided ¼ interest 77.22 acres southeast of Remington and 160th Rds.; undivided ½ interest 76.97 acres north of Hwy 150, between Alfalfa and Bluestem Rds.; 157.92 acres southeast of 160th and Alfalfa Rds.; 57.44 acres northwest of Remington and 160th Rds.; 402 S. Cedar St., Marion; 153.68 acres south of Hwy 150, between Clover and Alfalfa Rds.; and 87.43 acres southeast of Upland and 140th Rds.

Winfield Solutions, LLC, to Joseph Jerald Pritchett, and Joseph John Pritchett, 120 N. Industrial Rd., Hillsboro.

Dale Roger Christiansen and Patricia R. Wyssman, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Patricia R. Wyssman, and Timothy John Wyssman, 156.62 acres at 3045 Chisholm Trail Rd.

In four, separate transactions, Aulne United Methodist Church and Florence United Methodist Church, to Randy Luallin, and Florence United Methodist Church, Inc. and Aulne United Methodist Church, Inc., to Randy Luallin, 234 W. 5th St., and a lot south of 5th St., between Doyle and Marion Sts., Florence.

City of Marion to Strawn Homes, Inc, a lot east of N. Coble St., between Denver and Kellison Sts., Marion.

Patricia R. and Richard L. McLinden, to Charles L. and Loriann McLinden, undivided 8% interest, 80 acres north of Hwy 256, between Eisenhower St., and Upland Rd.

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