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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common

Sandra Rawald to Jennifer Atkins, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 2513 Unicorn Rd., 2517 Unicorn Rd., and a lot west of Unicorn Rd. between 252nd Terrace and 250th Rd.

Jared Vondekamp to Lisa Suderman, 78.75 acres north of 210th Rd. between Yarrow and Zebulon Rds.

Ruth M. and Van R. Schmidt to Brenda K. Schmidt, 39.99 acres north of 100th Rd. between Alamo and Meridian Rds.

Virgil and Patricia Boll to BFP4 Ltd, 466.51 acres southeast of 280th and Bluestem Rds., and 157.84 acres southeast of 280th and Alfalfa Rds.

T G Nelson 2020 charitable remainder unitrust to David P. Rziha, trustee deed to 157.72 acres southeast of 300th and Clover Rds.

Johnathan L. and Shelby L. Stohs to Jared Vondenkamp, 405 S. Washington St., Hillsboro.

Richard K. and Feebie Meisinger to Mark W. and Sara S. Meisinger, 89.58 acres east of Quail Creek Rd. between 190th Rd. and US-56.

In two transactions, Fred Langenegger to Langenegger Land Number One LLC, 151.71 acres northwest of 90th and Old Mill Rds. and 80.26 acres south of 80th Rd. between Old Mill and Pawnee Rds.

Juliana P. Johnson to Dale L. and Rebecca L. Nuss, 220 S. Adams St., Hillsboro.

Michael D. and Chrystle Penner to Nelson G. and Christy G. Penner, 871 170th Rd.

Lester Kaiser Jr. and Barbara Kaiser to Melissa and Martin Combs, quitclaim deed to 304 Adams St., Lincolnville.

Karen L. Selznick to Karen L. and Daniel W. Selznick, quitclaim deed to 105 W. Main St., Lincolnville.

Cheryl A. Rosine and Amy D. Halcomb to Aaron L. Waddell, quitclaim deed to 2125 70th Rd.

In two separate transactions, Glen M. and Marie Elaine Schmidt, and Gary and Diana Roberts revocable trust to Quentin Heidt, warranty and trustee deed to undivided ½ interests to part of 136.74 acres southeast of 110th and Goldenrod Rds.

Lois J. Hiebert trust to Julia A. Unruh, Stacy L. Unruh, Thane A. Unruh, and Natalie A. Unruh, trustees, trustee deed to 177.84 acres southeast of Holly and 140th Rds.

Jeanette M. Bina to Dustin J. Bina, 157.85 acres southwest of 280th and Xavier Rds. and 157.4 acres southwest of 280th and Zebulon Rds.

Sheriff Marion County to Michael and Christi Sigel, sheriff deed to 144.67 acres northeast of 90th and Xavier Rds.

Craig and Blythe Settle to Adrien M. and Jesse W. Piercy, 308 Grandview Ct., Hillsboro.

Wanda M. Hamm to Ronald Ehrlich, 327 N. Roosevelt St., Marion.

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