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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records.

Antoinette C. Root to Antoinette C. Root Living Trust, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 207 N. Olive St., Peabody.

Norma L. Weber Revocable Living Trust to Barbara A. Stinchcomb, trustee, trustee deed to 155.17 acres northwest of 360th and Old Mill Rds.; 234.16 acres north of 360th Rd. between Kanza and Limestone Rds.; a lot west of N. D St., between 4th and 3rd Sts., Ramona; 208 N. D St., Ramona; and 5.07 acres northwest of 4th St. and County Rd., Tampa.

John W. Clapsaddle Sr. and Christine L. Clapsaddle to themselves, 1418 E. Denver St., Marion.

Joseph D. and Robin A. Rocha to Tyler Schroeder and Carson Suntrapak, 215 N. Lincoln St., Marion.

James W. and Denise F. White Revocable Trust to Matthew Patterson, trustee deed to 316 S. Ash St., Hillsboro.

Joshua Ryan and Alison K. Tajchman to Jeffery and Karleen Huber, 312 E. Santa Fe St., Marion.

Lawrence R. and Patricia L. Jury to Michael P. Jury, Tonya B. Hinton, and Wade K. Jury, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 596 Needle St., and a lot northwest of 59th and Needle Sts., Peabody.

Tyler Schroeder and Carson Suntrapak to Dennis and Sharon Dawson and Luella Cochran, 410 N. Lincoln St., Marion.

Timothy W. and Barbara L. Melendy to William Graham, 330 E. Main St., Marion.

Charlotte Wiebe to Richard Wiebe, quitclaim deed to 40.17 acres west of Kanza Rd. between 340th and 350th Rds., and 905 330th Rd.

Robert and Rozanna Wedel Revocable Trust to Darcy L. and Keela D. Nickel, trustee deed to 33.28 acres north of 120th Rd. between K-15 and Chisholm Trail Rd.

Parkside Homes Inc. to Brent Alan and Brenda Lynette Barkman, quitclaim deed to 26.8 acres north of 180th Rd. between Indigo and Jade Rds.

In separate transactions, Cody Yaworsky, administrator, to himself, administrator deed, then Cody and Caitlin Yaworsky to Jeremiah and Rayna Crawford, 511 N. Locust St., Peabody.

In separate transactions, Sheriff of Marion County to Duaglo LLC, sheriff deeds to 311 S. Ash St., Hillsboro, and 224 Tanglewood St., Marion.

In separate transactions, John D. Bauman and Phoebe Janzen to Heath S. Shields, then Heath S. Shields to John D. Bauman and Phoebe Janzen, and then John D. Bauman and Phoebe Janzen to Robert G. and Emily Griffin, part of 157.88 acres southwest of Remington and 170th Rds.

In separate transactions, Tina M. Graham to Michael D. and Arlis N. Henry, then Michael D. and Arlis N. Henry to Matthew R. and Heather L. Martin, 205 S. Elm St., Hillsboro.

Zachery L. and Courtney C. Demaray to Shane and Donna O’Neill, 105 N. Buller St., Goessel.

Clifford D. and Ramona L. Foth to themselves as trustees, 306 N. Washington St., Hillsboro.

Last modified June 22, 2023