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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records.

Brack Family LLC to Scott A. Brack, Crystal Marie Scott, and Diane Renee Brack, 159.62 acres along with 2247 Clover Rd.

In separate transactions, Dwight and Wanda Schroeder, James L. and Norma J. Hein Revocable Trust, and David A. and Mona J. Hein to Trevor and Amber Wiebe, quitclaim deed to 501 and 505 Lawrence Ave., Durham.

In separate transactions, Vickie R. Entz, trustee, to Amanda Denise Mohr, trustee deed to 76.23 acres southwest of 30th and Pawnee Rds. and to Gordon Entz, trustee deed to 69.09 acres southwest of 30th and Mustang Rds.

Richard P. and Diana P. Blount to Manuel Aviles, 502 N. Cedar St., Marion.

In separate transactions, Charles Bina and James Bina, administrators, to Mary Lou Ehmann, administrators deed to 304 S. Cedar St., Marion.

Paige K. Brunner to Preston L. Schneider, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 513 N. Lincoln St., Marion.

Axelrad Property Solutions LLC to James and Pamela Axelrad, 402 Main St., Tampa.

Michelle and Keith Timmermeyer and Michael King to Cevin and Jennifer Montgomery, 210 N. Maple St., Peabody.

Deborah (by power of attorney) and Richard D. Cook, Sheryl Reed, and by power of attorney Cynthia Rae Suddith and Steve A. and Sheldon R. Boone to Bradley E. and Staci S. Gorsuch, 2126 Strassburg Dr., Eastshore.

Richard J. and Phyllis J. Hein Trust to Sondra Mayfield, trustee deed to 401 S. Thorp St., Marion.

Jeffrey D. and Erin Bartel to GCC Properties LLC, 157.33 acres northwest of 210th and Goldenrod Rds.

Trinity Mennonite Church of Hillsboro, Kansas, to First Mennonite Church of Hillsboro, Kansas, Inc., 1155 190th Rd.

Kent D. Funk to Novella C. Funk, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 316 S. Date St., Hillsboro.

David L. Rowland to Lisa A. Adame, and Lisa A. and Daniel Adame, 408 S. Lincoln St., Marion.

In separate transactions, Lyle K. and Ann Leppke, warranty deed, and Wilbur and Helen Leppke Revocable Living Trust, trustee deed, to L & H Properties LLC, 501 S. Main St., Hillsboro.

Steven Robert French to Central Ag Air LLC, 1774 Upland Rd.

Nancy J. Fee to Nancy J. and John E. Fee, quitclaim deed to 4 Random Rd., Marion County Park and Lake.

Diana M. and Larry G. Landsverk to Jonathan Ferguson, half interest in reserve A and 2869 230th Rd.

Pauline R. and Calvin Buller and Dwight R. and Barbara Sue Schmidt to Elmer D. Voth Revocable Trust, 37.95 acres southwest of 100th and Diamond Rds.

In separate transactions, Carla J. Steckline Revocable Trust and Stovall Family Trust to Mark Rohlman, trustee deed to 39.53 acres north of 250th Rd. between Ulysses Rd. and US-56/77.

Lois J. and Mark A. Hiebert and Julie A. Unruh, trustees, to themselves, trustee deed to part of 73.48 acres northwest of Indigo and 140th Rds.

Last modified Aug. 10, 2023