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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records.

Dean A. Hein, Karen Jaworsky, and Janet Britton, trustees, to Janet and James Britton, trustee deed to 69.58 acres east of Nighthawk Rd. between US-56 and 190th Rd. and 146.33 acres northwest of 160th and Old Mill Rds.

Dean A. Hein, Karen Jaworsky, and Janet Britton, trustees, to Dean A. and Beth Hein, trustee deed to 76.63 acres southeast of 170th and Pawnee Rds.

Vernon D. and Brenda G. Blosser to themselves as trustees, 79.06 acres west of Diamond Rd. between 70th and 80th Rds.

The James and Dana Kastl Revocable Living Trust to Henry Nahum Chacon Mendoza, 309 N. Spruce St., Peabody.

The Delores M. Dalke Living Revocable Trust, by trustee, to Jay and Judy Smith, trustee deed to 114 E. Main St., Marion.

Intrust Bank, trustee, to Wiebe Family Farms LLC, trustee deed to 155.65 acres southwest of 80th and Limestone Rds., and 246.17 acres northeast of Kanza Rd. and US-50.

Gary Eugene and Elda Mae Toews to themselves as trustees, 310 Liberty St., Burns.

Intrust Bank, trustee, to Taylor, Alyssa, Troy, Aubrie, Denison, and Whitney Wiebe, trustee deed to 158.34 acres northeast of Jade and 90th Rds.

Intrust Bank, trustee, to Frank Ranch LLC, trustee deed to 232.40 acres south of 90th Rd. between Kanza and Limestone Rds., and 161.37 acres southeast of Limestone and 90th Rds.

Intrust Bank, trustee, to Casey Douglas and Elizabeth Rochelle Wiebe, trustee deed to 158.96 acres southeast of Kanza and 80th Rds.

In separate transactions, Intrust bank, trustee, to Randall M. Eitzen, trustee, and Jacob K. and Rylee L. Yoder, trustee deed to part of 186.07 acres northeast of Kanza and 90th Rds.

In separate transactions, Oris R. and Kathy Schrag, and Steven J. and Marsha Schrag, James W. and Mary Beth Schrag and Constance Sue Schrag to Van R. and Brenda K. Schmidt, 14.174 acres west of Chisholm Trail Rd. between 90th and 100th Rds.

John V. and Kathleen E. Goentzel to themselves, 2094 240th Rd.

Jaime Peale to Maria E. Cruz and Maria T. Delgado, quitclaim deed to 201 Kansas St., Lincolnville.

William Keith Everhart to Derek Dale Bair and Jaree D. Basgall, 152.61 acres southeast of Bison and 210th Rds.

Glenn Douglas and Lavonne Sue Bartel to Linda K. and Jeffrey D. Bartel, 0.6 acres north of 210th Rd. between Indigo Rd. and K-15.

Sharon Williams to Phillip G. Williams, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 12 Highland Rd., Marion County Park and Lake.

Kody G. Tegtmeier to Ashton N. Hittle and Colton S. Terronez, 209 N. Olive St., Peabody.

Pilsen State Bank to Barry J. Linnens Revocable Living Trust, 229 Thorp St., Marion.

Last modified Oct. 25, 2023