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Rosella M. Plenert to Norma J. Cabeen, WD; Lot 12 and N/2 Lot 13, Blk. 10, Billings & Bowers Addn., Marion.

Donovan L. Schmidt to Patricia A. Cook, WD; Lots 1 through 14 inclusive, Blk. 7, Original Town, Durham.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Timothy Harder, WD; pt. SW/4 NW/4, 19-21-2 and pt. W/2 SW/4, 19-21-2.

Dwight M. Flaming et al trustees to Morris Ewert and wife, trustee’s deed; pt. E/2 SE/4 SW/4, 30-20-1.

Daniel l. Baldwin, special administrator to Weston Pitts, administrator’s deed; Lot 10, Blk. 88, North Peabody Addn., Peabody.

James L. Richmond, trustee to Marlin E. Buchholz et al, trustees, trustee’s deed; Lot 5, Hillside Addn., Marion.

Olen Lester Buchanan Revocable Living Trust, Pearl A. Buchanan Revocable Living Trust to Anthony R. Buchanan, trustee’s deed; Lots 5 and 6, Blk. 45, North Peabody Addn., Peabody; Lot 4, Blk. 77, North Peabody Addn., Peabody.

Ross Van Curen to Ross Van Curen and wife, QCD; pt. SW/4, 16-21-3.

Dona J. Swingle to Dean Swingle, QCD; Lots 4, 5, and 6, Blk. 1, Kreamer’s Addn., Peabody.

Marcy A. White to David E. White, QCD; W 95’ of Lot 4, Blk. 6, County Clerk’s 6th Hillsboro Plat, Hillsboro.

David E. White to Wayne Ollenburger and wife, QCD; W 95’ of Lot 4, Blk. 6, County Clerk’s 6th Hillsboro Plat, Hillsboro.

Jim F. Summers et al to Carlsons’ Grocery, Inc., WD; Lots 13, 14, 15, and 16, Blk. 25, Southern Addn., Marion.

Hillsboro Development Corporation to City of Hillsboro, QCD; Lots 4 and 5, Blk. 3, Hillsboro Business Park, Hillsboro.

Selma M. Ingram et al to Mathew Keesling, QCD; two parts in NW/4, 23-17-4.

Last modified Aug. 13, 2008