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The following deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County Register of Deeds:

Victor E. Klaassen and wife to Victor E. Klaassen, trustee, WD; N/2 SW/4 and pt. SE/4 lying west of railroad, 29-22-3.

Dennis Conyers and wife to Dennis W. Conyers et al, trustees, QCD; SW/4 SE/4, 12-18-1.

Andre E. Ebaben Jr. and wife to Justin A. Morrison, WD; Lots 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, Blk. 48, Plat A, Lincolnville, together with E/2 of vacated Wichita Street adjacent to said lots and the W/2 of vacated alley adjacent to said lots.

City of Hillsboro to Hillsboro Development Corporation, QCD; pt. NW/4, 34-19-2.

Eloise D. Mueller et al, trustees to J. Michael Kline and wife, trustee’s deed; pt. NW/4 SE/4, 5-20-4.

Ernest A. Rea to Ernest A. Rea et al, WD; Lots 2 and 3, Blk. 46, North Peabody Addn., Peabody.

Gordon O. Mohn and wife to Steven L. Jost, trustee, WD; Lot 10, Blk. 2, Dahl’s Second Addn., Hillsboro.

Donald E. Hiebert and wife to Donald E. Hiebert, et al co-trustees, QCD; Tract 1: S/2 S/2 SE/4, 18-21-1; Tract 2: N/2 SW/4 NE/4, 19-21-1.

City of Hillsboro to CAH Acquisition Company #5, LLC, WD; pt. NE/4, 34-19-2.

Last modified Sept. 10, 2008