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Deeds records

The following deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County register of deeds:

Scott A. Stahlheber and wife to Ronald W. Woerz and wife, warranty deed; Lot 5, North Lake Subdivision, Marion County Park and Lake.

Richert Farms LLC to Doyle Wiebe and wife, warranty deed; SE/4, 29-17-1.

Doyle Wiebe and wife to Marcel Unruh and wife, warranty deed; part SE/4, 29-17-1.

Cheri Bazor et al to Larry Britton et al, warranty deed; part Lots 8, 9, 12, all Lots 10, 11, Avenue’s Addition, Florence.

Dorothy A. Cleverley to Gerald E. Cleverley Sr., quit claim deed; part W/2 SW/4, 6-21-5.

City of Hillsboro to Randy Crawford and wife, warranty deed; Lot 21, Block 1, Willow Glen Addition, Hillsboro.

Carolyn Eitzen-Galan to Carolyn Grace Jensen, warranty deed; undivided 2/3 interest S/2 NE/4, 14-21-2.

Richard R. Litton and wife to Richard R. Litton, quit claim deed; N/2 N/2 SW/4, 7 N/2 S/2 N/2 SW/4, 15-51-2.

Eric Mitchell to Frederick J. Wilson Jr. et al, quit claim deed; Lots 13, 14, 15, and 16, Block 3, Original Town, Lincolnville.

Stephen L. Vincent to Thayne W. Meier et al, warranty deed; Lot 7, Block 1, County Clerk’s 7th, Hillsboro.

Robert C. Marler to Scott C. Rowles and wife, warranty deed; Lot 13, south 45 feet Lot 14, Block 3, Freeborn’s Addition, Marion.

Rochelle D. Berkley Calhoun and husband to Dale W. Klassen and wife, warranty deed; NE/4 SE/4, 2-19-2.

Dwayne Claassen et al to Judy A. Rich, warranty deed; south 34 feet Lot 15 and north 2 feet south 36 feet Lot 15, Block 4, Riesen’s Addition, Hillsboro.

Cheryl A Skalsky and husband to Paul E. Skalsky et al, warranty deed; Tract 1 – NE/4, 8-19-5, except mineral interest; Tract 2 – SE/4, 9-19-5; Tract 3 – S/2 NE/4, 5-18-4, except undivided ½ interest in and to all oil, gas, and other minerals thereunder; Tract 4 – east 60 acres of the S/2 SW/4, 26-18-4; Tract 5 – undivided ½ interest in all oil, gas, and other minerals in and under the N/2 NE/4, 5-18-4.

Brian M. Vazquez, administrator, to Duane R. Davis and wife, administrator’s deed; east 50 feet of Lots 30 and 32 and east 10 feet of west 100 feet of lots 30 and 32, Olive Street North, Peabody.

Dolores H. Johnson to Matthew R. Hein and wife, warranty deed; Lot 6, north 15 feet Lot 7, Block 1, Vogt’s First Addition, Hillsboro.

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