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recorded Sept. 15, 2016

These deeds were reported as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Linda Peterson, Trustee to Linda Peterson, Trustee, 318.9 acres near 3581 Pawnee Rd., Ramona.

Linda Peterson, Trustee, to Nathan Brunner and Katy Hyatt, 3581 Pawnee Rd., Ramona.

James Gary Blaine Industries., and Philomena Leo Industries, Trustees, to James G. Blaine and Philomena Leo, 4.67 acres at 544 70th Rd., Walton.

Linda Pearl Heath, FKA Linda Pearl Britton, Transfer on death deed to David Allen Britton, 114 W. 5th St. and 336 Grandview St., Florence.

Bradford W. and Jeannie Wildin, to Trini L. and Diana L. Finley, 12 Random Rd., Marion County Park and Lake.

Vernel E. Lovett to Allen and Wilma Hayes, 212 W. 2nd St., Florence.

Jessica Slater, AKA Jessica Wyss and Brandon Wyss to Mary L. and O. Ronald Shipman, 414 W. Grandview St., Florence.

Kurt A Herrel Industries and Jeanelle C. Herrel Industries, Trustees, quit claim deed to Kurt A. and Jeanelle C. Herrel, 1638 Hwy K-15, Hillsboro.

Phillip L. Dill and Beth Ann Phillips to Jordan W. and Melissa M. Aydelott, 230 S. Santa Fe, Burns.

Vernel E. Lovett, by POA to Robert Harnagel, 214 W. 3rd St., Florence.

Vernel Lovett, by POA, quit claim deed to Robert Hartnagel, 214 W. 3rd, St., Florence.

The City of Marion to Builders Concrete & Supply Inc., 1.020 acres, Marion.

Sheriff of Marion County, Sheriff’s deed to Great Plains Federal Credit Union, 2121 Alamo St., Lehigh.

Robert E. and Pamela K. Harber to Robert E. and Pamela K. Harber, 107 N. Maple St., Peabody.

Robert E. and Pamela K. Harber transfer on death deed to Lucas S. and Elaine E. Harber, 107 N. Maple St., Peabody.

Donovan K. Schlehuber, quit claim deed to Deanna Martin, 320 Lawrence St., Durham.

Allen E. Suderman, Trustee to Dean A. and Amy J. Suderman, 28.65 acres of agricultural land, Hillsboro.

Last modified Sept. 21, 2016