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Demolition derby drenched

Staff writer

Although a muddy track is the norm for demolition derbies, Saturday’s derby promoters got far more mud than they bargained for.

Less than half an hour after rules were explained and other announcements were made, Dylan Delk sang the national anthem to kick off the 2023 demolition derby at Marion County Fair.

A bank of dark clouds hovering to the west and north of Hillsboro drifted in, and rain began to fall.

The derby featured three cars enrolled for figure 8 competition, five for compact car bonestock, 11 for 1980s and newer bonestock, and 13 for a superstock weld competition.

The planned figure 8 competition took place before rain began to fall.After the figure 8, five compact cars took the track for bonestock competition.Sprinkles began, and spectators slowly started leaving the packed arena. When sprinkles turned to steady rain, many more people decided it was time to leave the arena. The crowd of spectators was down by nearly a third.

One of fair manager Michelle Hajek own most memorable moments was seeing Goessel fire chief Matt Voth drive a car after winning a memorial raffle.

Many people were involved in creating the car, Hajek said. The car will be back next year.

Last modified July 27, 2023