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Dog boarder ends most boarding

Staff writer

Autumn Hanson, owner of Critter Connection pet grooming and boarding service in Marion, has changed her operation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At this time I am not open for boarding dogs as we are all advised not to travel at this time,” she said. “It was a tough decision. I was so looking forward to watching my four-legged friends in the newly remodeled kennels. Better safe than sorry, please stay home if you can. I want to have all of you around after this is over.”

Hanson said she is only taking animals for boarding if the owner works in the medical field and is required to travel elsewhere.

She said she continues to take dog grooming appointments, but also has ways to limit contact between herself and pet owners during drop-off and pickup.

Owners should make an appointment and either set an exact time they will arrive with the dog or call inside when they arrive.

The dog can be dropped off in a fenced area at the gate and she will come outside to call the dog.

When she is finished grooming the dog, she will phone the owner to set a pickup time. Owners come to the gate, drop payment in a drop box, and call the dog when Hanson brings the dog outside.

She also disinfects the dog’s collar and lead.

“I disinfect my drop box and the gate,” Hanson said.

She also uses a commercial kennel disinfectant that kills viruses on the dog’s paws.

The no-boarding policy is to protect both herself and her customers.

“I’m not going to encourage travel,” she said. “I had people travel on spring break and come back. Nothing personal, I’m not trying to offend anyone.”

She admits she’s losing money by suspending dog boarding but believes it is safer for everyone. She knows her customers will return.

“It’s just the safe thing to do,” she said. “People shouldn’t be out traveling. Just don’t travel. When all this blows over, people are going to be over.”

She has another safety concern for her clients.

“How many people are bringing these high power cleaners into their house and not using it right?” Hanson said.

Last modified April 2, 2020