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Dress codes 'revealed'

It is seldom an editorial solicits as many comments from readers as the editorial I wrote last week about young women’s apparel.

The question begs to be asked — what are the dress codes at the local middle schools and high schools?

Marion Middle School, Marion High School, and Centre grades 5-12 have similar dress codes regarding skirts and shorts. The Marion schools state the skirt or shorts has to come to the tip of the middle finger when arms at rest beside the body. Centre’s dress code stated shorts, dresses, and skirts must come to the ends of fingertips when standing. It was not clear but I am assuming the measurement from the fingertips is to the hem of the garment.

I did the test — stood up, hung my arms at my sides, and felt my leg with the tip of my middle fingers.

Yikes! That’s short!

Therefore, in fairness to the young women at the Marion schools of higher education, they probably are following the dress codes.

Hillsboro’s dress codes are more stringent — skirts and dresses may not be shorter than two inches above the kneecap when standing.

That is reminiscent of Catholic school days when our uniform skirts had to touch the floor when we kneeled.

As I mentioned before, I am a child of the 1960s and a teen in the 1970s. I’ve seen short skirts and I’ve even worn short skirts but there is a difference between then and now — undergarments. I’m not going any further with that comment.

Both schools also require pants and shorts to be worn at the natural waist. However, I have seen the jeans some of our male teens have worn to school and those jeans are not belted at the “natural” waist.

Perhaps this really is an enforcement issue.

If girls and boys are sent home to change, or forced to wear whatever is available in the extra clothing box, maybe they will take the dress code seriously.

Perhaps parents should sit up and take notice. Yes, these provocative clothes are in-style but isn’t your daughter’s modesty more important?

Again, these issues would not be issues if our local schools had uniforms.

Enough said.

— susan berg

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