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Driving is dangerous enough

This is directed to the woman who was driving a tan, compact car at 5:20 p.m. Dec. 10 and nearly caused an accident at the corner of U.S.-56 and North Ash Street, Hillsboro:

What were you thinking?!?

You didn’t even stop at the stop sign. You pulled out, right in front of a semi. Didn’t you see him? Did you hear his horn?

If you could have seen the look on that man’s face, I would hope you would pay more attention.

Now, this is directed to all of us:

Isn’t it amazing that intersection hasn’t seen more accidents? How many near-misses are there on a daily basis? I shutter to think.

Probably about 50 percent of the time that I’ve been at that intersection, either on Ash Street or on U.S.-56, I have seen drivers from Ash Street or the adjoining county road on the north side of U.S.-56 pull out in front of another vehicle.

There’s a similar situation on the highway in Marion at Eisenhower Drive/Timber Road. There have been numerous crashes, some resulting in death.

There are so many distractions while we drive — radio, cell phones, kids, food, etc., etc. — and then add age (youth and elderly), road conditions, and too many other things on our minds besides driving — all could add up to tragedy.

This isn’t meant to criticize but to warn. There are too many vehicle accidents caused by inattentiveness. Let’s pay attention and show courtesy toward other drivers.

— susan berg

Last modified Dec. 18, 2008