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Durham council discusses culvert

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At the Durham City Council meeting Feb. 7, Mayor Mike Sorenson brought up the topic of a culvert that may need to be replaced.

“It looks as though the same culvert runs across two driveways and the alley,” he said.

The council decided to ask residents if they are willing to pay their share of the cost of replacement. If not, it is questionable whether the city can put a separate culvert across the alley.

Council members agreed the break in the culvert presents a hazard. The mayor was told to contact the residents and act accordingly.

“I think it needs to be done as soon as possible,” council member Gary Unruh said.

Sorenson said a resident had called him again about bringing in a mobile home for her mother. Unruh said he should inform her of the restrictions on age, and if the criteria were met, the council would not object.

Sorenson said something needs to be done about all the junk cars around town. Unruh suggested beginning by writing letters asking the owners to remove them, to see if there is a response. The council discussed the possibility of passing an ordinance concerning the problem. They decided to get copies of ordinances from neighboring towns and discuss the issue again next month.

Unruh mentioned the need for putting rock on alleys and unpaved streets. He said the town has enough of a stockpile for a good start.

The mayor said a resident had suggested that the recycle bin be left unlocked. But Unruh and City Clerk Joyce Medley said they had both been present when Waste Connections delivered the bin, and they were told it must be locked unless monitored.

The council discussed disposal of the ash heap that has grown at the burn pile and the proper disposal of leaves and grass clippings.

Sorenson reported the water system has been running smoothly. Last month, 260,000 gallons of water were pumped, and 250,140 gallons were sold, for a loss of only 3.79 percent. The lift pumps ran 31 hours.

Medley presented a financial report for 2011. The general fund began the year with $6,813. With $10,266 in receipts and $9,846 in expenses, the ending balance was $7,234. The street fund and sewer fund saw decreases in their balances, and the water fund balance increased.

The city’s checking account balance at year’s end was $31,994. The city also has $85,838 in certificates of deposits. The interest received in 2011 was $181.

Last modified Feb. 16, 2012