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Durham council discusses storm siren

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The Durham City Council spent most of its May 7 meeting discussing whether to install a storm siren. Members were split on the idea. Gary Unruh was opposed, but finally conceded he would support it if it were “done right.”

Gene Duke said Durham is the only town in Marion County that does not have a siren. The issue was tabled until Duke obtains more information on how a siren can be activated and how to monitor for storms.

The council approved a motion to send a letter giving a resident a 90-day deadline to trim back trees along a street, or the city would have the job done and send a bill.

The council voted to put a lock on the hydrant in the park to prevent people from taking large quantities of water from it.

Unruh was given authority to talk to a consultant about putting Durham’s certificates of deposit into a capital improvement fund.

Mayor Mike Sorenson reported 227,000 gallons of water were pumped in April, with 185,991 gallons sold, for a loss of 18.7 percent.

Last modified May 15, 2013