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Durham to have compost site

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At its April 3 meeting, the Durham City Council discussed putting a compost area at the city burn site. Gary Unruh volunteered to remove some trees to make room for it. A sign will need to be painted designating the compost area. It was suggested that Judy Sommerfeld be consulted about doing that task.

Mayor Mike Sorenson reported that an individual with the city met with him about volunteering to do cleanup work around the town. The council agreed to have this work done.

Sorenson said he received a form concerning changing from two meters to one at the water wells. Verlin Sommerfeld moved and Unruh seconded to make this change. The motion carried.

In his capacity as water supervisor, Sorenson reported he had recently been late in submitting his water report to the state. The cost for the late report is $100. Sommerfeld moved that the city pay the fee. On a second from Unruh, the motion carried.

The council again discussed the broken culvert on Seventh Street. Unruh volunteered to contact Dalke Construction about replacing the culvert. The council also discussed getting Dalke to do some work at the burn site.

Sorenson said he would turn on the water at the city park restrooms this week. The council discussed working on the walls.

Steve Miller informed the council he would be unable to complete his term on the council because he will soon be moving out of Durham.

Last modified April 11, 2012