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Editorial on spending stuns commissioners

Staff writer

County commissioners were stunned Monday by an editorial in last week’s issue of this paper detailing purchases made at county expense.

One member of the public came to Monday’s meeting to have his say on the subject.

Commissioner Randy Dallke said he wanted to schedule a later discussion to see whether the information was correct. The editorial detailed individual purchases included on a county-supplied list of items commissioners had approved paying for June 30.

Commissioner Dianne Novak agreed the issue needed to be discussed.

Resident Lloyd Meier went further.

“I’m concerned about the credit cards and personal use on the county,” Meier said.

Meier cited cell phones, water, donuts, insurance, and potting soil among the purchases reported.

“I worked for a trucking company,” Meier said. “I had a credit card. We caught guys buying beer and cigarettes at 2 o’clock in the morning.”

The purchases listed in the editorial might not sound like much, but over 10 years would total $70,000, Meier said.

“That will buy a lot of rock,” he said.

County clerk Tina Spencer disputed the article’s accuracy.

“I can say that some of what was put in the paper was accurate and some is inaccurate,” Spencer said.

Asked after the meeting to list any inaccuracies so they could be corrected, she responded with a letter to the editor saying that citizens needed full context of the purchases and that is what she meant by “inaccurate.”

Two charges cited were for $10 insurance policies for drones. At the meeting, she said the county had to buy insurance for each flight of a drone that maps the county.

Another charge was for potting soil. At the meeting, she said the potting soil was used for plants around the courthouse.

“If you want a plant, you put it in and you pay for it,” Meier replied.

Last modified July 12, 2017