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Election filings up to 65

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As of Tuesday’s filing deadline for city, school board, improvement district, extension district, and drainage district elections, 65 candidates have filed to be on the Nov. 2 ballot and 11 open positions have no one filed.

That’s 30 more candidates than were filed a week ago.

The Marion city council race has gotten several candidate filings in the past week, including one candidate who re-filed for school board as well.

Assistant police chiefs of both Hillsboro and Marion have filed for school board seats.


Roland Boesker and Mary Strotkamp filed for Burns city council.

Mike Hammann and Ryan Johnson filed for Burns mayor.


R. Gene Duke filed for Durham mayor.

Shirley J. Flaming and Nancy Wedel filed for Durham city council.


Robert B. Gayle, Jr. filed for Florence mayor.

Mary Jean Meirowsky filed for Florence ward 1 city council.

Matt Williams filed for Florence Ward 2 city council.


Duane Adrian, Evan Esau, and Cynthia Gaddis filed for Goessel city council.

Ben J. Schmidt filed for Goessel mayor.


Blake Beye filed for Hillsboro city council.

Lou Thurston filed for Hillsboro mayor.


Zachary Collett, Chris Costello, Darvin Markley, and Katherine A. Young filed for Marion city council. Young also filed for USD 408 school board.


Stephen Rose, Kim Nellans, Catherine A. Weems, and Travis L. Wilson filed for Peabody city council.

Tom Spencer filed for Peabody mayor.


Paul Alcorn, Jayme L. Brunner, and Arthur Stroda filed for Ramona city council.


Wilbert E. Backhus filed for Tampa city council.

School board filings

Yvonne Burhoop, Eric Carlson, Tony Hett, and Adriane Richard filed for USD397 school board.

Hannah B. Bourbon, Tiana Gaines, and Mollie Partridge filed for USD 398 school board.

Jan Helmer, Steven Janzen, Doug Regnier, Clara Sprowls, and Katherine A. Young filed for USD 408 school board.

Douglas S. Bibens, Heather N. Christner, Chasen C. Gann, Jessey J. Hiebert, Ashley Kleiber, Louis J. Simmons Jr., Sara Wichert and Scott N. Winter filed for USD 410 school board.

Kelly Booton, Patrick Flaming, and Ben Schrag filed for USD 411 school board.

Other filings

Allen Albright, Brad Gorsuch, and Cliff Hodson filed for Improvement District #1 director.

Ed Burnett, Kathy Schockley, and Paul White filed for Improvement District #2 Co. Lake director.

Alan Hett and John R. Hett filed for Cottonwood Valley Drainage District director.

Bill Fish and Brad Vannocker filed for Chisholm Trail Extension District director.

Positions still unfilled

Several positions have no one filed. They include:

Durham city council.

Hillsboro Ward 2 city council.

Lehigh mayor.

Lehigh city council.

Lincolnville mayor.

Lincolnville city council.

Lost Springs mayor.

Lost Springs city council.

Tampa city council.

Improvement District #3 director.

Cottonwood Valley Drainage District director.

A primary, if needed, will be Aug. 3. Voter registration deadlines are July 13 for the primary election and Oct. 12 for the general election.

Deadlines to apply for advance mail ballots are July 27 for the primary election and Oct. 26 for the general election.

Last modified June 3, 2021