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Elections set for April 5

Noon Tuesday was the filing deadline for candidates for city and board of education elections April 5.

There will be no primaries for any of the elections, in part because of a recent statute raising the threshold of candidates that requires a primary.

Filings are preliminary and await review by Marion County Clerk Carol Maggard.

Candidates for election

* indicates an incumbent

City of Burns

  • Mayor: Fritzie Hatfield.
  • City Council (2): No candidates.

City of Durham

  • Mayor: Michael Sorensen*.
  • City Council (5): Tom Harmon*, Arnold Sommerfeld*, Verlin L. Sommerfeld*, Gary Unruh*.

City of Florence

  • Mayor: Mary L. Shipman*.
  • City Council Ward 1: John Swarm.
  • City Council Ward 2: Holly Pereillo, Trayce E. Warner*.

City of Goessel

  • City Council (3): Dallas Boese*, Anton Epp, Robert A. McCourry, Joel Ratzlaff, Rollin Schmidt, Jerry Stika, James W. Wiens*.

City of Hillsboro

  • Mayor: Delores M. Dalke*, Teresa Marie Wright.
  • City Council Ward 1: Robert L. Watson*.
  • City Council Ward 2: Marlene Fast.

City of Lehigh

  • Mayor: No candidates.
  • City Council (5): No candidates.

City of Lincolnville

  • City Council (3): Joseph H. Vinduska*.

City of Lost Springs

  • Mayor: Tish Keesling, Joyce Buckland-Rohloff.
  • City Council (5): Joseph A. Zinn*.

City of Peabody

  • Mayor: Frank William Doerrler, Larry K. Larsen*.
  • City Council (3): Roxanne Dallke, Pamela Lamborn*, Lewis R. Litton, James C. Philpott, Stephen Rose*, David Scott*.

City of Ramona

  • Mayor: Brendan D. Bailey.
  • City Council (5): Nathan A. Bailey, Jayme Linn Brunner, Jeanette (Jeannie) Goza*, Kathy A. Matkins*, Byron Noeth*, Roy Marvin Rains, Arthur Stroda*, Alan J. Svoboda, James Thompson.

City of Tampa

  • Mayor: Tim J. Svoboda*.
  • City Council (2): Russell Kerbs*, Ty Peterson*.

Centre USD 397

  • Position 1: Jesse E. Brunner*, Amber Peterson.
  • Position 2: Mark A. Heiser*.
  • Position 3: Terry Deines*.
  • At-large: Steven G. Jirak*.

Peabody-Burns USD 398

  • Position 1: Bruce Burke*.
  • Position 2: Terril L. Eberhard*.
  • Position 3: Glendon Parks.
  • Position 7: Anthony Zappone*.

Marion/Florence USD 408

  • Position 1: Christopher Sprowls*.
  • Position 2: Jeremiah A. Lange.
  • Position 3: Ronald Duane Kirkpatrick Jr.*.
  • At-large: Sarah Cope*.

Hillsboro USD 410

  • Position 1: Debra Geis*.
  • Position 2: Mark Rooker*.
  • Position 3: Stephanie Moss, Chad Nowak.
  • Position 4, 2-year term: Joe Sechrist*.
  • At-large: Roderick W. Koons*.

Goessel USD 411

  • Position 1: Darla Meysing*.
  • Position 2: Maynard Knepp*.
  • Position 3: Daniel E. Miller*.
  • At-large: Eric J. Schrag.

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