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Family celebrates Hein's 104th birthday

The family of Tillie Hein of Tampa celebrated her 104th birthday with a dinner Sunday at the Kirby House in Abilene.

Those joining her were Don and Carolyn Srajer, Omaha, Neb.; Dee Scott and Bill Remington, Emporia; Jim and Kris Srajer, Cole, and Grant, Tampa; Shelby Makovec, Lost Springs; Mike and Kathy Bauer, Ryan, and Cassie, Omaha, Neb.; Dave and Susan Bauer, William, and Andrew, Omaha, Neb.; Kristin O’Hern, Gretna, Neb.; Deb Scott and Terry Dody, Manhattan; Jason and Tamara Dody, Paxton, Payton, and Prycen, Calflin; Pam Fillmore, Cottonwood Falls; Becky and Emily Nottingham, Ozakie; and Alex Nottingham, Manhattan.

Last modified Nov. 8, 2012