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Family stakes health on raw milk

Staff writer

There are two reasons why Betsy Walker and her family of rural Hillsboro like to drink raw milk. First, they believe it is healthier; and second, at $2.50 per gallon locally, it is an economical choice for their food budget.

“We like to eat and drink things that are as close to their original state as possible,” Walker said. “That is how God designed it for us and it is best for our bodies that way.”

Walker said the pasteurization process of milk kills enzymes and microbials that are necessary for proper human digestion.

“We actually need some of those fats and vitamins and minerals that are removed from the highly processed milk available at the store,” she said. “Raw milk is just much more healthier for us. We have drunk raw milk for 12 years now and hardly ever get sickness that some other families seem to deal with.”

Walker buys raw cow milk by the gallon from a rural Hillsboro dairy where the owner follows strict sanitation rules.

“We’ve been able to watch the milking process and see how it all works,” she said. “I have no concerns whatsoever about sanitation from where we get our milk. They are inspected regularly and never have any trouble.”

Walker said she understands why dairies that sold large quantities of milk needed inspection and pasteurization.

“You know it could never get to the store shelves without getting rotten because milk is a very time-sensitive product,” she said. “We have just been so blessed ever since we moved to the Hillsboro area to get raw milk locally.”

In addition to drinking raw milk, Walker said her family ate a lot of their own garden produce, purchased or traded for grass-fed beef with friends, and were careful not to microwave their food or cook with Teflon coated pans.

“There are just a lot of changes we have made to be healthier over the years,” she said. “Raw milk is a very important part of our whole lifestyle choice.”

Walker said her family of six went through a gallon of raw milk every day and a half.

“We all drink it, but I like it best in my morning coffee,” she said. “Sometimes I like to save the cream for a special recipe if I plan ahead. But mostly the children drink all they want.”

Last modified Oct. 18, 2012