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Farmer escapes rollover with lacerated arm

Staff writer

Eldon Wiens, 84, of Hillsboro was treating a silage pile on his farm Monday when the tractor he was driving rolled off the side.

His wife, Lavonne, said Eldon told her the tractor took a somersault and landed on its tires. During the rollover, the tractor windows broke out and Wiens was thrown out. The doors remained closed.

His grandson, Samuel Kaufman, was pushing silage on the other side of the pile and didn’t see it happen.

Wiens was conscious and made his way to him saying, “Call 911, call 911, I’ve had an accident.”

He was bleeding badly from a deep cut in one arm from the elbow up.

Kaufman had his cell phone and immediately called emergency services. He ran to the house and told Lavonne about the accident.

“He was white as a sheet,” she said. “He knew Eldon was alright because he was up and walking.”

She found Eldon sitting on the silage pile. The truck drivers who were hauling silage responded immediately. One pulled off his belt and applied a tourniquet to Eldon’s arm to control bleeding.

A son-in-law arrived quickly, followed by the ambulance.

Wiens was transported to the trauma center at Via Christi St. Francis Hospital in Wichita, where they “fixed him up,” Lavonne said. “It was very difficult to fix up. He had many stitches. He was cut to the bone.”

Wiens remains in intensive care but is expected to go home in a few days, Lavonne said.

“We’re glad he’s on the mend,” she said. “I’m so thankful all those people were here. They all tried to do what they could. I hope it’s a lesson for other people, too, not to take chances.”

Last modified Sept. 5, 2018